The benefits of lemon These 5 benefits will make lemon worth double

Lemon is a very common fruit, because its taste is sour and sour, so not everyone likes it. People who like lemon, do you know its benefits? There are many ways to eat lemon, In addition to being used as fruit, it can also be made into drinks and desserts. Foods basically have taboos, what are the taboos of lemons?

Benefits of lemons

First, appetizers

When you eat lemons, you will feel a bit bitter, and you don’t want to be as sweet as other fruits. There are a lot of aromatic volatile components in the peel of lemons, so eating lemons can strengthen the spleen and appetizers. In hot weather When the time comes, you can squeeze the lemon into juice, which can be appetizing after drinking.

Second, prevention of coronary heart disease

Many people should not know that lemon can prevent coronary heart disease, Lemons are rich in vitamin c and vitamin p. These substances will increase the elasticity and flexibility of blood vessels when these substances are in the body, so eating more lemons can prevent coronary heart disease. In older people, eating lemon properly can help prevent potential diseases.

Third, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

There is a lot of vitamin C in lemon, vitamin is a natural antibiotic, and it can strengthen the body’s resistance in the body It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. People who have a cold can eat lemon every day and drink lemon water. Persistence can enhance the resistance and remove inflammation.

Fourth, Refreshing and refreshing

If you are mentally exhausted after a day of work and feel dizzy, drinking a glass of lemon water at this time will help refresh your mind. You can put lemons in a small amount of boiling water, put them in the refrigerator for cooling, and put them on the forehead after taking them out. It will make people feel cool, and they will instantly be energetic, clear-headed, and more motivated to work.

Fifth, improve memory

With age, people’s memory ability becomes more and more Poor, if you want to improve your memory, you don’t need to take medicine to relieve it. You can use lemon appropriately. The specific method is to drip lemon juice on a handkerchief, put it on the nose and smell it frequently, which can effectively stimulate the brain and help improve memory.

How to eat lemons

Lemon honey tea

Lemons rub the surface with salt and rinse , dry the water, cut into thin slices and remove the seeds, prepare a clean and oil-free glass bottle, put a layer of lemon slices in the bottle, then pour a layer of honey into it, and so on, until the bottle is full, cover it Cover it and store it in the refrigerator. After three days, you can take it out and drink it with water. It is sweet and sour and delicious.

Lemon Paste