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Luffa is a very common fruit. It is full of treasures all over the body. There are many ways to do loofah. Fruit medicine. Do you know the benefits of loofah? Many foods have taboos, what are the taboos of loofah?

Benefits of loofah

1. Beauty and beauty

Luffa has always been called “beauty water”, which can be said to be a rare beauty product. Mainly in the loofah there are rich B vitamins and vitamin C. B vitamins in the body can prevent skin aging well and keep the skin elastic, and vitamin C can reduce pigmentation.

2. Anti-allergic

Some pharmacological studies have shown that the extract in loofah can prevent Japanese encephalitis virus has a certain effect. The researchers also found that there is a substance in loofah, called uric acid, which can play a good anti-allergic effect, and everyone can eat loofah.

3. Anti-aging

Many people should not know that loofah can play an anti-aging effect. There are flavonoids in loofah, like plants Mucus, loofah bitterness, etc., these substances can play a role in promoting metabolism in the body, can bite hard to improve the body’s immunity, and help delay aging.

4. Strengthen the heart muscle

Modern medical testing found that loofah contains saponins that only exist in ginseng medicinal materials, and this substance has relatively It is good to strengthen the heart muscle and strengthen the function of the heart.

5. Prevent constipation

Luffa is rich in water and contains more dietary fiber. After eating, it can add water to the body, lubricate the intestines, and Helps improve constipation. In addition, the sticky and slippery polysaccharides contained in loofah can also help to relieve constipation and prevent constipation. Because this substance can maintain the balance of flora in the intestinal tract and promote intestinal peristalsis.

6. Lowering blood lipids

The polysaccharides contained in loofah have the functions of preventing constipation. In addition to its functions, it can also absorb some fats, bile acids, etc., and reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, thereby reducing blood lipids.

The practice of loofah

Fried potatoes with loofah

1. Peel the loofah, wash it and cut it into pieces ; Peel and slice the potatoes, rinse and drain.

2. Put the loofah in the hot oil and stir fry until it becomes soft.

3. Put the potato chips into the pot, add salt and soy sauce, and stir fry quickly and evenly.

Luffa Fried Fritters