Dr. Liu Yi said that lung cancer (4909) can still drink alcohol before lung nodule surgery?

Pulmonary nodule surgery is now performed with minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery, and postoperative recovery is very fast. After going to the ground, I can be discharged from the hospital in a few days. Although the recovery of pulmonary nodule surgery is very fast, systematic examination and preparation must be performed before the operation to ensure the safety of the patient during the perioperative period.

In the evening, there was a person who was undergoing pre-hospitalization at my place and was doing lung nodules The patient who checked before the surgery left me a message, and he asked me, can I drink alcohol during this time? According to the plan, I plan to perform surgery on the lung nodules early next week. Because he was undergoing pre-hospitalization, he did not officially live in the ward. If he wanted to live in the ward, he would definitely not be allowed to drink alcohol. Whether it was a nurse or a doctor, if he saw a patient drinking in the ward, he would definitely take care of it. He is now going home to live in our hospital after the examination. At home, it is definitely impossible for the doctor to completely restrict him in some aspects of life.

But since the lung nodule surgery is going to be done next week, I still don’t It is recommended to drink again. Drinking alcohol may cause damage to liver function, which has a certain impact on the recovery of pulmonary nodules after surgery.