The 73-year-old uncle in Chongqing “serves dinner with two taels of white wine” all the year round. How is his health now? Early understanding and early benefit

The pace of life of people nowadays is accelerated, especially young people, who wake up every morning and go to work, end the day’s hard work, and drink some wine in their spare time. Maybe this is their happiest moment, but for retired old people For the uncle, the fun of every day is to drink some wine, especially this 73-year-old uncle Wang from Chongqing.

When I was young, I loved drinking. Every day after work, I would drink 2 taels of white wine for dinner. Although I have retired, it has become my habit. If you drink alcohol, you will feel uncomfortable all over.

But Uncle Wang’s family always felt that if he drank like this, he would definitely be in poor health, so they took him to After checking the body, I didn’t expect that the body was still very healthy. The old men around were very envious of Uncle Wang’s good body, so they asked him for the secret.

Uncle Wang said that this is because he insists on a drinking habit every day, so he can have such a good body:

Eat before drinking

Uncle Wang said that you must eat something before drinking, and you must not drink on an empty stomach. This will cause great harm to your body, because if you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol in liquor will cause great irritation to the stomach. It will also make myself drunk very quickly, especially now that the weather is cold and the liquor is cold. If you drink it into your body, you need to use the heat in your body to relieve it, which is also very easy to get drunk.

There is a fixed time for drinking

Uncle Wang said that he actually has a drinking time It’s when I’m eating dinner. In this case, there is a fixed time for drinking. After all, the most suitable time for drinking every day is around six o’clock in the afternoon, because the body’s metabolism is faster during this time, and alcohol can be absorbed more quickly. Digestion, in order to reduce the harm of alcohol to the body.

If it’s too late, don’t drink. After all, you’re old, and if you drink too late, your body won’t be able to bear it.

Drink alcohol in moderation

Although the old saying goes that “alcohol is the essence of food , the more you drink, the younger you will be”, but don’t be greedy, do what you can according to your physical condition, older drinkers suggest up to 2 taels, as long as you let yourself reach a slightly drunk state, it is the best, but if you don’t drink in moderation , If you get yourself drunk, you will definitely make yourself uncomfortable, which runs counter to your original idea of ​​drinking, and the gain outweighs the loss.

Choose grain wine to drink

Uncle Wang said that the reason why he has been fine drinking for so many years is because he has always insisted on drinking liquor made from pure grain. The raw materials are all fermented grains such as sorghum and wheat, and they are safe to drink. This kind of wine is the first choice for the elderly to drink.

Uncle Wang also showed everyone the pure grain wine he often drinks, which is this Sanjuntai Reserve Wine is a 53% pure grain Maotai-flavored wine. For baijiu, 53% is the most suitable degree. It has a comfortable taste, full body and pure aroma.

And the raw material used is red tassel sorghum by the Chishui River. This kind of sorghum is rich in starch content and is very suitable for brewing sauce-flavored liquor. It is mature, and 10 years old wine was added during brewing, so this wine tastes mellow and has a strong sauce aroma, which is really endless aftertaste!

Uncle Wang also said that this wine has a very The price is close to the people, because wine companies have always insisted on brewing ration wine that belongs to the common people, which is why this wine is favored by the king.

Okay, today’s sharing is over, about “Chongqing 73 Uncle Sui always “serves dinner with 2 taels of white wine”, how is his health now? Do you know the reason for “early understanding and early benefit”? If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comment area!