An old man in Jianli, Hubei, drank morning wine and made wine at home to save money. What happened?

Jianli, Hubei is a famous hometown of morning wine in my country. The local people like to drink in the morning, and they drink for several hours, and they don’t go home until they are full.

When you walk into any local breakfast shop, there is a high probability that there will be liquor in it, and these breakfast shops will also prepare a lot of home-cooked dishes to serve as appetizers. The alcohol content of the local baijiu is not low, but people can drink more than a catty at a time, which shows that they are extremely generous.

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Of course, everyone’s life rhythm is faster now, especially in the morning, and I feel very flustered, feeling that time has passed in a flash, Moreover, drinking alcohol will also affect the work status of the day, and gradually there will not be so many people who drink morning wine. Most of the people who are still drinking morning wine are old drinkers who are over 60 years old, because they will have a lot of time to slowly drink morning wine, even if they are drunk, they can go straight to sleep when they go home Worried about affecting work and life.


Among these people drinking morning wine, I know a 65-year-old Uncle Wang who I especially like to drink, and I have formed a habit. Now I have more time after retirement, and I go to the breakfast shop to drink some liquor every morning. However, in recent years, my family has added a little granddaughter Guoguo. They are all used to buy various toys and clothes for the granddaughter, so the money for daily drinking is not enough. But he has long been used to drinking a little wine every morning, and now it is impossible to stop him from drinking, so he came up with the idea of ​​making wine at home.

Uncle Wang did what he said and acted immediately. He also asked his son to help him search the information on wine making on the Internet and buy it to make wine With advanced equipment, he began to try to make wine by himself, but after a lot of effort, the final result was not satisfactory.

The thing is like this, Uncle Wang originally thought that the wine he brewed could be guaranteed to be made from pure grain. , but when it came to brewing, I found out that the brewing process is really complicated, and the yield rate is not high. It took a lot of thought to brew such a small amount of wine.

Although there are not many wines, Uncle Wang still invited the drinking friends to let them taste the quality of the wine. The drinking friends have arrived Afterwards, when I saw the color of the wine, it was still not very clear, as if there were impurities in it, so I looked embarrassed and dared not taste it. Uncle Wang said: “I made this wine after all my hard work. You should try it. It doesn’t look good, maybe it tastes good to drink.” So everyone still tasted the wine and finally drank it. It was still tasteless and not mellow at all. Uncle Wang’s first wine making in his life ended in failure.

Several friends of Uncle Wang also advised him that there are strict crafts and procedures in the whole winemaking process, and the raw materials must also be Choose well, it’s more complicated, and it’s easy to fail if you’re not careful. If you’re not a professional who understands wine, it’s better not to make wine lightly. The taste of wine is second, and your health is more important. , Isn’t the gain outweigh the loss.

Uncle Wang said that he made his own wine to save money. If he succeeds, it will be cheaper to drink morning wine in the future. A drinking buddy, Uncle Li, said: “It’s okay if you want to save money, you don’t have to make your own wine, let’s drinkAfter drinking wine for so many years, it is clear which wine is affordable and delicious. ”

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Uncle Wang is very curious about this, and wants to know which wine is the affordable wine that Uncle Li is talking about. Uncle Li Said that he often drinks Manshangjiu at home. It is a pure grain sauce-flavored liquor produced in Maotai Town, Guizhou Province. It tastes mellow and delicious, and the most important thing is that it is not expensive, which is very suitable for ration Liquor.

It is a Daqu Kunsha liquor, carefully brewed using the exact same brewing process as Maotai liquor. As for the raw materials, the winery chooses the local glutinous red wine in Guizhou Sorghum, roasted through multiple rounds of 12987 sauce wine process, the finished wine has a Maoxiang flavor.

It is worth mentioning that, With its high quality, high quality and low price, and the support of Henan Radio and Television Metropolitan Channel, it was recommended to the common people. Once launched Very popular.

After the baptism of time, the wine quality is crystal clear, open a bottle of wine, the wine aroma, less than 2 seconds, the whole The room is full of fragrance, pour the wine into the cup, the color is incomparably crystal, without any impurities, the smell is very strong

, take a sip, Elegant and delicate, the overall taste is soft and sweet, which makes people salivate and has endless aftertaste.

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