If you want a stronger kidney, you need to regulate yin and yang, 2 Chinese patent medicines, nourishing yin and tonifying yang

If you want your kidneys to be stronger, you need to regulate yin and yang, 2 Chinese patent medicines, nourishing yin and tonifying yang People often have these five situations in their bodies. Today, Dr. Jia will explain them to you one by one, and teach you to use two kinds of Chinese patent medicines to help you adjust them!

In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney is the innate foundation. Development and growth are inseparable from the function of the kidney. If a person’s kidney is not good, it will first manifest itself in the following five situations. Let me take you to understand it.

The first one is frequent urination, there is such a type of people who always love to go to the toilet, especially Even at night, I get up five or six times a night. It’s okay in summer, but it’s just torture in winter. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney governs the metabolism of water, and whether the metabolism of water is normal depends mainly on the qi transformation of kidney yang. It is maintained by transpiration. If the kidney yang is deficient, then the kidney qi will be unable to transpire water, and the urination will become frequent and urgent. At this time, we can refer to Qiangshen Granules to nourish the kidney and yang, and warm the water.


Second, hot flashes and night sweats< /strong>, this kind of people feel very dry and hot every day, their hands and feet are hot, and their five hearts are also hot. Damp, the whole body is wet with sweat, but the sweat does not break out when you wake up, only when you sleep, this kind of situation is mostly caused by kidney yin deficiency, endogenous heat, and the body loses It is caused by the nourishment of body fluid. At this time, we can refer to Zuogui pills to nourish kidney yin.

The third one is cold and cold,< /span>This kind of people usually have cold hands and feet all day long, and they are always cold when they touch them. It is also difficult to warm hands and feet while lying in bed at night. This is mostly caused by deficiency of kidney yang. When yang is deficient, the little sun in the body goes out, and the body loses its warmth and becomes cold. We can also refer to Qiangshen Granules.


The fourth, premature aging , usually this kind of appearance will look much older than their peers, obviously in their twenties or thirties, but the appearance looks particularly old, such as premature graying of the body, deafness and tinnitus, Symptoms such as loose teeth, sore waist and knees, etc. Our kidneys store essence, and all parts of the body need kidney essence to continuously provide nutrients. Insufficient kidney essence will lead to the inability to nourish our hair, ears, teeth, waist and knees, At this time, we can also refer to Zuoguiwan.

Fifth, cold pain in waist and leg joints, this kind of people usually feel that their waist and leg joints are very cold, and sometimes they will have a tingling feeling when they are blown by the wind. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney governs the bones, and the bones also need kidney yang If the yang qi is insufficient, the bones will lose their nourishment. Without yang qi, they cannot resist the external cold, and the cold air will easily invade the waist and leg joints, causing cold pain. At this time, we See also Qiangshen Granules.

The above are the five symptoms of poor kidney that I will share with you today, and the corresponding two Chinese patent medicines. Do you understand?