The 70-year-old man married a 23-year-old girl and had a son. The truth is touching

Uncle Chen is 70 years old this year. He is a native of Shanghai. His wife passed away due to illness five years ago. Before he retired, he was a state-owned enterprise cadre. flat house. There is a daughter who is married and rarely comes back to visit him. Uncle Chen feels very lonely and wants to find someone to share the rent. He can talk to him every day and the rent can be halved.

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Not long after, the intermediary found him a girl named Xiaoqian, who was 23 years old and worked as a receptionist in an advertising company. Since then, Xiaoqian would spend 1-2 hours chatting with Uncle Chen every day when she came back from get off work, and soon they became friends who talked about everything. One night, when Uncle Chen was drying clothes on the balcony, he accidentally fell due to water on the ground. Xiaoqian rushed Uncle Chen to the hospital. After the doctor’s diagnosis, Uncle Chen’s left leg was broken and he needed to be hospitalized for observation for a week. After his condition stabilized, he would go home and take care of his body slowly.

After Xiaoqian completed the procedures for Uncle Chen’s hospitalization, she quickly called Uncle Chen’s daughter, but the other party said that she was not available, and asked Xiaoqian to hire a nurse for Uncle Chen. After getting along for this period of time, Xiaoqian has already regarded Uncle Chen as her own relatives. In order to take better care of Uncle Chen, she quit her job and stayed with Uncle Chen in the hospital for a whole week. After Uncle Chen was discharged from the hospital, Xiaoqian helped him with laundry, cooking, and rehabilitation training every day. Under Xiaoqian’s careful care, Uncle Chen recovered quickly.

One night, Uncle Chen found Xiaoqian crying alone in a corner, he asked Xiaoqian what happened? Xiaoqian said that she had just broken up with her boyfriend and had a child in her stomach. She wanted to give birth to the child, but was worried that she would not be able to support the child. Uncle Chen thought for a while, and then said: “How about this? We will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow to get a marriage certificate. After the child is born, the household registration will be under my name. You mother and son can live here with peace of mind. After a hundred years, my All the inheritance will be inherited by you mother and son.” After hearing this, Xiaoqian couldn’t help but burst into tears, she felt that she was really lucky to meet such a good man as Uncle Chen in her life.

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