How to prevent the appearance of barbs?

“Barbs” are encountered by almost everyone, especially in the dry season, they are more likely to appear. These “barbs” are called “reverse peeling” in medicine, which refers to the small long triangular epidermis that is cracked and raised from the proximal end or side edge of the nail fold, and the pain is obvious when touched accidentally.

Why does it only happen around the nails?

The skin around the nails has no sweat glands and sebaceous glands, and is drier than other parts of the skin; this part is the part that is most likely to rub against other objects, so it is more likely to grow barbs.

Dryness and friction are the most important causes of “barbs”. Many people have many barbs due to occupational reasons or frequent friction during certain actions (such as frequent digging with hands). Frequent nail biting, finger biting or frequent contact with some irritating items can also easily cause barbs. There is no clear relationship between barb formation and vitamin deficiency.

The real reason for the barbs?

1. The skin is highly tense and easily damaged

First of all, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the skin behind the nails. It is not difficult to find that the nails are The skin on the back is very smooth, and its skin texture is less than that of the back of the hand. Because it lacks skin texture, the skin is very tight, and the tension is high, and external friction is easy to irritate.

2. Friction causes damage

The barb is on the front of the hand, whether it is an adult washing clothes or a child planing sand, there is something It will be rubbed directly, and with its high tension, it will be easier to break when rubbed again.

3. Less oil production, fragile skin

There are very few sebaceous glands on the skin of the hands, which produces less oil and will The stratum corneum of the uppermost layer of the epidermis is not moisturized by oil and becomes very fragile. In addition, the skin is tense and there is a lot of external friction. If it lacks oil itself, it will become easy to crack and grow “barbs”.

The correct way to deal with it

Some people say that I like to tear off the “barbs”, remember not to tear them, it is easy to cause nail ditch Inflammation, the correct way to deal with it is this, first use nail clippers to cut off the rolled up epidermis, and then apply some ointment to protect it, as we have said, the ointment will make your cuticles tightly connected and prevent new The skin is rolled up. With the metabolism of the skin, the damaged piece of skin is shed, and the finger is perfect.

Prevention of barbs is the key

Usually pay attention to the protection and care of your hands, pay attention to moisturizing, and use some oily hand cream after washing your hands. Eating foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc and selenium can help prevent dry skin. It is best not to use alkaline hand sanitizer or soap when washing your hands, otherwise it will aggravate the growth of barbs.

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