The 60-year-old aunt spent more than 2 million plastic surgery just to become Zhao Yazhi, what happened to her after that?

People often say that women are the ones who please themselves. Now that their minds are open, people are beginning to realize the changes that beauty brings to life. Everyone has the right to pursue beauty, especially those who are not in good condition. With the emergence of the medical beauty industry, they choose to use more convenient means to help themselves. Many girls will strengthen their advantages through plastic surgery or fine-tuning. But becoming beautiful is not the patent of young people, and many elderly people have begun to follow suit at an age when they have nothing to do.

Cosmetic surgery cases

Although many people do not advocate plastic surgery for middle-aged and elderly people, some people think it is unnecessary. This situation is very common in the entertainment industry, such as plastic surgery templates, Mr. Cai Ming. It is often said that the end of plastic surgery for female stars is Cai Ming. As a well-known drama actor, he has appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala for many years and created many classic works.

Some time ago, Cai Teacher Min revealed her own plastic surgery, which aroused heated discussions among netizens. In fact, it is not difficult to see from the photos that his condition is indeed very wrong. For example, he is full of collagen, and his mouth, nose and eyes can be seen to be adjusted. The whole person has been changing, and every time he appears on the scene, he has a different image. Many people expressed their admiration for the courage of Mr. Cai Ming, who still pays so much attention to maintenance at this age.

Of course some people think Mr. Cai Ming The reason for the plastic surgery is to keep the popularity in the entertainment industry and market herself. After all, whoever eats a piece of cake in the entertainment industry can earn money. Of course, people don’t know the truth. I also hope that Mr. Cai Ming can correct this attitude and establish correct values.

The 60-year-old aunt spent more than 2 million plastic surgery just to become Zhao Yazhi, and then she How’s it going?

Angie Chiu played the White Snake in the legend of the New White Lady back then. Shallow water, you can sink into it at a glance. Today’s Zhao Yazhi is about to be 70 years old, and the image he shows is completely inconsistent with her age, especially like a middle-aged woman in her forties or fifties. When attending a show once, Zhao Yazhi’s temperament made an aunt fascinated and addicted.

Although this aunt and Zhao Yazhi The age is similar, but the overall condition is more than one degree worse. The aunt’s family conditions are very good and happy. And when I was young, I loved beauty very much, so when I got old, I also wanted to become an elegant beauty like Zhao Yazhi. Later, despite the opposition of my family, I secretly went for plastic surgery.

In fact repeated After the plastic surgery, the aunt regained her confidence in it. This is because the people who recorded the plastic surgery cared for her. He didn’t feel the warmth at all in the family. Instead, he became more and more addicted and spent millions.< /span>

The overall state of the year is naturally not as good as that of young people, so whether it is plastic surgery or other operations, the recovery effect is not so good. And in It is very risky to have a knife on your body. After this aunt has undergone surgery more than 10 times, all of them are some large-scale general anesthesia operations. If you are not careful, you will have a life accident.

However, the aunt has spent money on her face, and she is indeed more mature than her peers Exquisite and beautiful, but it can’t withstand careful observation. If you look closely, you can still see some obvious lines, grooves and sunken skin conditions. Especially as time changes and age, the skin gets worse and worse after getting old, and after many years It takes several repairs to maintain such a facial shape. This not only requires great pain, but also huge financial support.

Even though people have discouraged this aunt, she still goes her own way and expresses her love for beauty. There is nothing to pursue at this age. Why can’t this satisfy me? When it comes to this, people are speechless. It’s okay not to seek beauty, but they also hope to gradually become beautiful on the basis of health. Don’t always think about taking risks and rushing for success.

Since you are already obsessed and addicted, no matter how much others persuade you, it will not help. I also hope that everyone will not imitate at will, because plastic surgery is risky.