Facelift surgery has sequelae, it is best not to do it? Doctor reveals 4 key points about facelift surgery

In this society, the face is judged by the value of the face. Many people are not satisfied with their appearance, so they will choose plastic surgery to change the state of the face. Especially as we get older, the skin sags severely, and the loss of collagen makes us look old. Therefore, after the age of 30, people choose the most facelift surgery.

However, there are good and bad medical aesthetic institutions, too varied, and it is very difficult for everyone to choose. On the one hand, I am worried that the doctor’s skills are not good enough and there are too many sequelae.

What is face lift surgery?

Plastic surgery, also known as lifting surgery, is to implant protein threads under the surface of the skin for stretching. The operation is a minimally invasive project with high safety. During the operation, the excess loose skin will be excised and sutured. Most of the wounds are well hidden behind the ears. Thereby, the skin is tightened and wrinkles are relieved.

Generally speaking, after the age of 35, the skin sagging is too serious, and then the facelift surgery will be performed. Some are for firming skin, others are for wrinkle removal. People have different purposes, which also create different effects.

Pull Skin surgery has sequelae, it is best not to do it? Take stock of several risks

Maybe bleeding

The facelift is divided into big facelift and small facelift. The small facelift is a segmented facelift on a certain part of the face. The big face lift is a face lift that lifts the entire face. The common postoperative complication is that the bleeding is very normal, but if the blood coagulation function is not good, it will lead to hematoma and blood stasis.

Wound infection

< p data-track="10">The operating environment of some medical institutions is not safe enough, there are bacteria, and the wound surface of facelift surgery is relatively large, which is likely to lead to wound infection, pus and inflammation. lead to extensive ulceration.


Because the wound of facelift surgery is very long, and because of the problem of suture strength, scars appear, which obviously exist Abnormal growth is very obvious.

Subcutaneous nerve injury

In this case, 5 facial nerves are most commonly injured, mainly concentrated in the wrinkle removal area. Spread outward from the central point into 5 main channels, because the separation leads to facial nerve damage, convulsions and paralysis. Commonly, the corners of the mouth are crooked.


Fat embolism, skin necrosis, and large area ulcers occurred due to individual operation techniques or poor self-repair.

Doctor reveals 4 key points about facelift

Face will swell

The degree of repair and postoperative conditions of facelift surgery mainly depends on personal physique and doctor’s operation techniques. It belongs to a kind of system, so the degree of planting is heavier than that of ordinary people. Everyone must calm down, swelling after facelift surgery is inevitable.

Don’t pursue too perfect effect

Some people think that facelift surgery will suffer a lot, and even recover after a period of time. It feels unnecessary to do it. The doctor said that the relative anatomical sagging tissue Lifting and fixing is already a relatively reliable existence in the medical and aesthetic industry, and the maintenance time is relatively long. Whether it is peeling, tail lifting or lifting, etc., the operation level is very high. If the technical content is not good, beauty seekers The state of the will also be damaged.

The face will gradually widen

Because of the combined effect of gravity and facial muscles, people’s faces will have different degrees of concave changes. There will be an elongated effect visually. The facelift removes the subcutaneous tissue and restores the sagging tissue to the corresponding position, so the facial features will become fuller and the facial lines will be wider than before. But not really widened. Don’t worry, just get used to it slowly.

There are two fingers Wide scar

In this case, the suture is not done well, or deep tissue The promotion is not in place. Any operation has risks. As long as the two standard levels are handled well, there will be basically no major problems. All in all, you must take a good look at facelift surgery and don’t expect too much from it. Scars are bound to exist. But usually it’s well covered up.