Never “talk too much” when others say these 4 things! (remember)

Language is the most amazing thing in the world,

It can warm people’s hearts, but it can also destroy relationships .

In the process of getting along with people,

< p data-track="5">If you can’t control your mouth and don’t speak carefully,

< span>Not only will it hurt and offend others,

It will also bring trouble to yourself.

So whenever ,

You must be cautious and leave three points.

Especially when others say these 4 things,

Don’t talk too much.

Appropriate comfort and suggestions can bring the relationship closer.

If you speak freely, it will backfire!

1. When others say their parents are bad

For everyone,

Parents are the closest people.

Even if the parents do well,

There will also be times when I am not satisfied.

When others are in front of you,

Complaining about your parents being bad,

Or complaining about your parents

Just listen quietly,

Just soothe the other person’s emotions.

If you don’t know how to close Mouth,

But follow the other person’s emotions,

Complain and blame other parents,

Maybe the other party will not blame you at that time,

But once you calm down afterwards,

will think you are prejudiced against his parents,

Hold your hatred and alienate you.

Really smart people only listen but not speak,

< p data-track="37">Never criticize and criticize other people’s parents.

< /div>

2. When others say their partner Bad times

Partner, spend a lifetime with yourself,

In the process of being together day and night,

There will inevitably be quarrels and disagreements.

In order to ease the mood, some people,

Will tell the people around me,

My partner’s Wrong and bad.

If you want to appease the other party,

Also say bad things about your partner,

Although it is Well intentioned, you will inevitably be misunderstood.

I think you laughed at his vision and chose a bad partner.

There is a saying:

“The husband and wife quarrel at the end of the bed.”

< p data-track="55">No matter how good your relationship with the other party is,

It can’t be better than the relationship between the couple.

The other party complained to you for the purpose of venting emotions,

Instead of letting you meddle with their husband and wife.

So try not to talk too much.

Once the conflict between husband and wife deepens,

It will also blame you and become an enemy with you.

3. When others say their child is not good< /span>

Children are your own flesh and blood,

It is the crystallization of love and the continuation of life.

No matter the child looks beautiful or ugly, what kind of personality,

< p data-track="69">They are all parents’ favorites.

Sometimes children are naughty and willful,

Others will complain in front of you because they are angry for a while

, saying that the child is not sensible,

blaming the child for not worrying, scolding the child for not being smart.

If you say a few words according to the meaning of the other party,

The other party is not only not grateful, but also thinks you are meddlesome.

You have to understand,

In the eyes of parents, children are everything.

Allow yourself to scold and blame, but don’t like others to discuss.

When someone complains in front of you, it’s just to vent,

If you are serious, follow the discussion and blame,

will make people think you hate their children,

keep with you Distance, even cut off communication.

4. When others say they are not good at work When

< span>In this society,

Everyone depends on work,< /span>

Earn money and support your family.

There is no distinction between jobs,

There is no distinction between high and low,

No matter what

As long as there are principles and conscience does not break the law,

All deserve our understanding and respect.

If others are in your In front of you,

When you complain that your work is not going well and you are not satisfied with the treatment,< /p>

You have to use the correct language attitude to make suggestions,

Instead of fanning the flames, pushing high and stepping down.

Maybe you are addicted to mouth, but hurt others,

It seems that you are fighting for the other party,

But people will think that you are gloating,

You are denying his ability, making fun of him as inferior to you.

It’s best not to comment too much,

Just a few words of comfort.

The ancients said:

“Don’t talk too much in life,

Speak too much, and misfortune comes out of your mouth.”

This shows how important it is to keep your mouth shut.

To build and maintain a good relationship,< /strong>

Not only need to cherish, understand and tolerate,

It is also necessary to keep a sense of proportion and speak carefully.

No matter how deep the relationship is, no matter how good the relationship is,

When someone talks about the above 4 things in front of you,

Don’t talk too much, don’t talk too much.

Learn to speak, be merciful,

Only by living in harmony and being popular!