The 4-year-old baby suffered from cancer, and the mother broke down and told the details, don’t let your negligence ruin the child’s life!

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Only when you become a mother do you realize how difficult it is to raise a child:

From the time the baby is born, it is difficult for the mother to have a complete sleep, the baby cries in the middle of the night, and the mother has to withstand the sleepiness and support the tired body, for fear of not being able to give the baby prompt care.

But even if we take every precaution and take care, children will still get sick and hurt, and mothers will break down.

It’s not the fear of staying up all night, but the fear of watching your baby get sick and helpless.

A previous piece of news that makes me sad:

In a ward in Beijing, 4-year-old Xiao Zichen was already able to pick up the nebulizer and give himself medicine.

“I told him every day that this is medicine, and I can go home after taking it. He is too uncomfortable, so maybe I can feel a little more comfortable, and slowly learn it by myself. ” Mom said.

When the child was 1 year old, the high fever persisted. The mother took him to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that there was still a lump in the lower right side of the stomach.

At the beginning of the fever, the mother thought that the baby had caught a cold and just needed to cool down. Unexpectedly, there was still a lump in the stomach, so neglected it, and almost delayed the child’s treatment.

Hearing the doctor’s tone was so serious, the couple panicked and brought their child to Beijing for a check-up.

I didn’t expect to usher in a terrible news – hepatoblastoma, multiple in the liver, and tumor thrombus formation, has arrived It is very critical, and chemotherapy must be carried out immediately.

Hepatoblastoma mainly occurs in children under the age of four, with high mortality and rapid metastasis. Poor Zichen is still so young, he should have been coquettish in his mother’s arms. suffered so much pain.

Only 3 times of chemotherapy, it has already cost 160,000 to 70,000 yuan. To save the child’s life, the doctor said that the minimum treatment fee needs to be 500,000 yuan.

In order to take care of the baby, my mother quit her job to take care of her in the hospital, and my father insisted on working part-time to earn money in order to collect huge medical expenses.

“Don’t leave your mother, she will be with you through this difficult time. No matter how much money you spend or how much effort you put in, you will never give up.” p>

She repeats this phrase every day in the hospital.

I even take the time to contact friends to borrow money while the child is asleep. “In order to borrow money for my child’s life, many friends who have not been in contact for a long time, I have the cheek to open up. mouth.”

Mothers are the least likely to read this kind of news and feel the most sympathy for it.

I remember another scene in the hospital. After chatting with the doctor, a mother hid in her room and wept silently. She dared not let the child see it.

Her child has leukemia, and the doctor says it will cost about $700,000 to treat.

However, the family no longer has the financial capacity to support the child’s treatment expenses. The valuable things are almost sold out. Relatives and friends have borrowed it again and again, and the people around can only helplessly. Show sympathy.

The child’s father comforted him that he would do his best.

“I’m the baby’s mother and all I want is for him to be completely fine, I can’t use one I try my best, to exonerate yourself. ‘ the child’s mother choked.

Although it is scary to suffer from leukemia, you must know that under the existing medical conditions, its cure rate is obviously as high as 80% or more.

Many families can only watch their children die because they cannot afford the high medical bills.

As a parent, can you take such a blow?

After becoming a parent, this kind of news is the last thing to watch. I believe that most parents will not give up their children easily, and are willing to give everything they have to save their children.

But is everything really enough to save a child?

Childhood leukemia is curable, but treatment is extremely expensive.

A survey by the National Children’s Medical Center shows that the cost of treating childhood leukemia varies from more than 100,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan according to different types and risk levels.

The cost of chemotherapy is 10,000-20,000 a month…

Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation costs 100,000-200,000…

The cost of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is 400,000-500,000…

And most of the imported drugs needed for serious illness treatment are not covered by medical insurance and cannot be reimbursed.

The process of repeatedly treating a serious illness is extremely long, and the money adds up to a staggering cost.

Families that have been in debt for a long time, even if they recover from their illness, have to bear the costs of their children’s follow-up rehabilitation, as well as the follow-up education expenses from primary school to university, which can make life even worse.

I remember a mother on the Internet once said this:

“If the child is really unfortunate enough to suffer from a serious illness in his life, it is God and the doctor’s business to cure it; But whether there is money to treat it, that is my business.

If it is because of the former, I will be very sad but I can let it go; If I have to give up because I have no money, it will be my eternal pain and I will never be able to forgive Myself.

It’s hard to avoid these things for the rest of our lives and their impact on our lives. But there are two things we can decide:

The first is the attitude towards suffering.

Second, be prepared for a rainy day.

I have been persuading people around me to buy insurance for a long time. After all, many people are lucky, but after the raging epidemic, once again seriously persuade everyone that it is time for children I have considered insurance with my family. This is the most basic guarantee to transfer risks and do a good job of underpinning. (This article does not promote any insurance products)

However, when many parents really plan to get insurance, they go in the wrong direction at the beginning, thinking about how to make a fortune from insurance, but forgetting the insurance name and insurance, can they take out the insurance when they are sick? Saving money is the most important thing.

This is what I have organized in private, the idea of ​​​​not spending a penny for children with leukemia:

Spend item

Leukemia treatment cost: about 800,000

Income loss after illness: 200,000/year*5=1 million

Income item

Social security reimbursement: 150,000 (average)

Commercial insurance compensation: 1.65 million (medical insurance + critical illness insurance)

Assuming that a leukemia cost 800,000 yuan, after social security reimbursement and medical critical illness insurance compensation, not a penny was spent, and the remaining 1 million yuan was used to compensate for the loss of family income for 5 years after the disease. The illness did not affect the normal life of the family.

Have seen too many tragedies like this in the hospital over the years, and these tragedies are often things that a cheap insurance can fix.

Not everyone can afford treatment fees that can easily cost dozens or millions of dollars. Even if they can afford it, how many years will it take to recover this loss?

It can be said that an uninsured home is like a fragile glass ball that shatters upon impact. And an insured family is like a ball that bounces up even if it gets hit.

But insurance cannot be bought blindly. Insurance itself has a high threshold, involving the intersection of finance, medicine and law.

Because of not knowing the relevant knowledge and buying the wrong insurance, there are many people who can’t lose money in the end. In order to avoid everyone falling into the pit of buying the wrong insurance, hereby, I would like to solemnly recommend my old friend, a professional third-party insurance consulting platform:

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