The Department of Stomatology in Chancheng District of Foshan Maternity and Children’s Hospital has been renewed and upgraded! Officially put into use today

On the morning of September 27th, after a comprehensive upgrade and renovation, the Department of Stomatology in Chancheng District, Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital was officially put into use. The stomatology department of the hospital has a warm and comfortable environment and complete functional divisions. The high-level medical and nursing team will provide the citizens with high-quality and efficient one-stop diagnosis and treatment services, better meet the multi-level needs of the people for oral diagnosis and treatment, and continuously improve the sense of satisfaction and happiness in medical treatment. sense.

The new environment of Chancheng District Dental Department

The new Chancheng District Dentistry has a comfortable, spacious and bright environment, a more scientific and reasonable layout, and more complete functions. Citizens can enjoy convenient and efficient one-stop service in waiting area, tooth brushing area, dental tablet room, etc.

Here has an independent implant operating room, preset 52 dental chairs (automatic pipeline disinfection), equipped with high-end equipment such as painless anesthesia machine and whitening machine. Each specialty such as oral medicine, prosthodontics, dental implantology, orthodontics, and pediatric dentistry is divided into independent clinics to provide safe, comfortable and high-quality diagnosis and treatment services for the majority of patients.

Guo Xiaoling, secretary of the party committee of the hospital, expressed congratulations on the successful completion of the renovation and upgrading of the stomatology department on behalf of the hospital party committee. Guo Xiaoling said, recalling that the department of stomatology has developed from only one dental chair at the beginning to a strong medical and nursing team in two hospital districts, which has created a new era for the department of stomatology in the hospital. It is hoped that the Department of Stomatology will take this upgrade as an opportunity, always adhere to the people’s health as the center, strengthen service awareness, continuously expand business, develop a good oral specialty, establish a dental brand, and open the Foshan Women’s and Children’s Dental with superb medical technology and high-quality medical services. A new journey of professional high-quality development.

Guo Xiaoling, Secretary of the Party Committee of Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, made an exchange speech

Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital Deputy Secretary and Dean Su Xi said that oral health is an important part of general health and national health. In the “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline, the state clearly proposes to “strengthen oral hygiene work” and raise the “healthy oral cavity” to the level of “healthy China”. As a tertiary first-class maternal and child health care hospital that combines clinical and health care, the hospital regards oral health care as an important part of promoting maternal and child health, and fully supports the development of the department of stomatology, promoting the stomatology department of the hospital to become a medium-scale tertiary-level hospital in Foshan. The largest dental department with the most complete facilities, the most complete set of specialties and the most extensive business scope, creating a brand of “Mother and Children’s Dentistry” that Foshan people can trust.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital Su Xi delivered a speech

In the past three years, Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital has invested more than 30 million yuan to improve various dental services. In the past three years, the number of dental outpatient clinics in the hospital has doubled year by year. 3,300 person-times, with an annual outpatient volume of 40,000 person-times. Patients have a wide range of radiation, and among them, patients outside the province account for 10% to 15% of the total number of patients in the department of stomatology.

As a women’s and children’s hospital, the hospital receives a large number of children every year in the serial treatment of cleft lip and palate, orthodontics for children and adolescents, and is unique in the treatment of children’s cleft lip and palate surgery and children’s general anesthesia surgery. have an advantage. At the same time, the oral care team has set up a specialized nursing clinic of “Children’s Dental Care + Health Guidance”, and through the “Guangdong Province Children’s Disease Comprehensive Intervention” project, provides dental care and fluoride application and health education activities for children every year.

In the next five years, while expanding the scale of the stomatology department of the hospital, it will pay more attention to the improvement of specialized technology, attract more outstanding stomatology talents to help the development of the specialty, and build the stomatology department of the hospital into a The dental department with the largest scale, the strongest specialized technical force and the leading ability among the top three hospitals in Foshan.

Director Wang Liyan of the Department of Stomatology of Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital said: “Children’s oral diagnosis and treatment is the strength of our hospital. Nearly 30% of the patients in the stomatology outpatient department are children. In addition, nearly 70% of the patients are adults. , We are in the leading position in Foshan in adult orthodontics, implantation, restoration and dental beauty. In the future development, we will vigorously develop sub-specialties, and make Foshan Maternal and Child Stomatology the strongest specialty in the region.”

(Text, Photos/Zhang Qiufang, Zou Yixuan)

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