The 3 “hidden” indicators of the body may affect life expectancy. You may wish to check yourself and hope you can meet the standards

As the population aging trend is becoming more and more obvious, more and more people begin to pay attention to health preservation. How to prolong life has become a topic of interest to many friends. The cure rate of diseases is getting higher and higher, so the length of life of people is more easily affected by their own constitution.

People’s physical fitness needs to be considered from many aspects, and often overlooked physical indicators often play a more critical role Therefore, you may wish to conduct a self-assessment based on the following three “hidden” indicators to see if you meet the standards and have potential longevity traits.

1. Fat and thin body

In public perception, being fat and thin is the standard for defining beauty and ugliness, but many common physical discomforts are caused by Caused by high fat content, which is what we call “obesity”.

Correspondingly, people who are too thin often suffer from calorie loss due to low fat content, serious nutritional deficiencies in the body, and are also prone to various discomforts, both of which will affect their own health.

2. Sleep quality

People will carry out various life movements during the day , will also supplement the body with corresponding nutrients, so it is necessary to get enough rest at night so that the body can fully digest the absorbed nutrients.

However, the pressure of modern people is generally high, and the quality of sleep is affected accordingly. It is easy to gradually decline in physical fitness due to insufficient rest, and the body is more prone to various discomforts.

3. Walking speed

People often say “walking The more the body, the better”, but few people pay attention to the way of walking. In fact, people who live longer usually have the habit of walking faster.

This is because when a person walks briskly, the functions of all parts of the whole body are fully mobilized, and the consumption of physical energy is relatively greater, which will promote the metabolism of the human body to a certain extent, and the improvement of physical fitness can be play a more active role.

If you want to live longer, it is recommended to start with 3 living habits

< strong>1. Keep an optimistic attitude

People’s physical condition is often affected by their mentality. Harm to the body due to external stimuli. In addition, being in an optimistic and excited state for a long time will cause the body to secrete corresponding nutrients, which will also be of great help in improving the physical condition.

Contemporary people are generally under great pressure in life, and they often have negative emotions such as anxiety and irritability. Take some Sanchuangui Suanzaoren Pills to have a soothing effect. It combines ingredients such as Suanzaoren, lotus seeds, and Poria cocos, which can help nourish the mind and calm the nerves. The nourishing value is very good.

Moreover, Sanchuangui Suanzaoren Pills are blended with honey and mulberry, the taste is sweet and sour and fruity, which is in line with the taste of popular snacks. Usually eat two pills a day, which can help improve nutrition while supplementing nutrition The quality of sleep has many benefits for the body.

2. Keep exercising

People with longer life spans generally have very good physical fitness, and they usually have The habit of fitness exercise, long-term persistence can not only improve the body’s vitality, but also speed up its own metabolism, which has a significant effect on maintaining a good figure and a strong body.


According to individual differences, you need to choose the appropriate intensity of exercise according to your personal physique, and don’t forget to stretch before and after exercise to fully relax your body. After a period of time, you can increase the exercise intensity appropriately , step by step, while improving physical fitness, it can also help improve physical and mental conditions.

3. Balanced diet

As people age, the nutrients in the body will be lost, and the speed will be faster and faster, so it is necessary to adjust the diet. In addition to the combination of meat and vegetables, you should also eat some Coarse grains supplement dietary nutrition and provide the body with more comprehensive nutrients.

For many young friends, eating some Seven Degrees Five Black Cake will It is more acceptable than eating coarse grains directly. With the production concept of “eat coarse grains and fine grains”, it processes black sesame, black beans, black rice and other coarse grains through multiple processes. Although the pastry is full of coarse grains and fragrance, it tastes soft and sweet. , delicious and traditional Chinese pastry no different.

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Summary: Throughout the ages, people have always focused on how to prolong their lifespan, but they often ignore the details in life, but it is these small details that, if persisted for a long time, will If there are obvious changes, you may wish to adjust yourself, and you will be more comfortable physically and mentally, and you will be able to maintain a youthful state full of vitality.