Exhibition of gardening ingenuity, Shinan held a professional skills competition in the landscaping industry

Reporter Gao Yajie Correspondent Wang Mingwei

On November 24, Shinan District held a landscaping industry professional skills competition. This competition includes three items: “Exquisite Landscape Construction”, “Plant Identification” and “Plant Pruning”. A total of 10 teams and more than 50 contestants participated. In the end, the competition selected the first, second and third prizes of the team competition and the individual competition, and the outstanding players were also awarded the honorary title of “Landscaping Technology Expert in Shinan District”.

November 24, by the city Co-sponsored by Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Southern District, Urban Management Bureau of Shinan District, and Federation of Trade Unions of Shinan District, the Shinan District Landscaping Industry Vocational Skills Competition kicked off in Little Qingdao. The theme of this competition is “Charm of the South, Ingenuity and Ingenuity”, including three items of “Quality Landscape Construction”, “Plant Identification” and “Plant Pruning”. A total of 10 teams and more than 50 contestants from the whole region signed up for the competition .

In the boutique landscape construction team competition, each participating team carefully prepared, designed and constructed more than ten beautiful and pleasing boutique landscapes, among which there are some unique and exquisite works: Baihua In the Liuxia Garden of the Garden, various flowers and colorful-leaved tree species complement each other; the micro-landscape of Xiao Qingdao uses dead wood and clay pots, with North American holly, and the dead wood and red fruits complement each other; under the black pine trees in Lu Xun Park, rich landscape plants are matched with landscape stones , creating a beautiful scene of “green shade of pine forests, flower stream and wave island”; on the side of the garden road of Xiaoyu Mountain, flowers and plants with various colors and rich layers create a natural and vivid picturesque environment; The perennial flowers form a world of scattered high and low, colorful flowers… These entries are exquisitely designed and intertwined with the colorful autumn colors in the south of the city.

In the plant recognition individual competition, the contestants polished their “golden eyes” one after another. Identification of plant species by foliage, flower and fruit characteristics of botanical specimens. At the scene of the tree pruning competition, the contestants showed their skills and showed their housekeeping skills. Various mechanical tools flew up and down in the master’s hands, with skillful and neat movements, and pruned the peach trees with intricate branches and leaves in a reasonable and beautiful shape.

It is understood that this competition invites senior experts in the gardening industry in Qingdao to serve as judges to select the first, second and third prizes for the team competition and individual competition. Landscaping technology expert” honorary title.

Landscaping, as a living infrastructure in the city, combines ecology, landscape, culture, etc. A variety of functions. In recent years, Shinan District has organized and implemented a series of greening and beautifying projects. This competition has set up a platform for the learning and exchange of technical skills and an expansion and improvement platform for the garden practitioners in the whole district. Take it to a new level.

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