Can you drink self-made “medicinal wine” in winter? Expert: 3 major misunderstandings are prone to occur, it is recommended to understand before drinking

As the temperature gradually drops, the breath of winter becomes stronger, and the cold wind blows into the streets and alleys. But no matter how cold the weather is, for friends who love to drink, as long as they have a few glasses of good wine, they can feel the warmth all over their bodies.

But in winter, drinking is also particular. For example: do not drink ice wine in winter, do not drink mixed wine, etc. And when it comes to what kind of wine is suitable for drinking in winter, besides warm wine, the medicinal wine made by oneself must be on the list. Adding some Chinese herbal medicines to wine is not only delicious to warm up, but also very nourishing to the body.

However, as everyone’s health awareness increases, some people can’t help but ask: Does “medicinal wine” really have great benefits for the body?

As the saying goes, “everything exists for a reason”, self-infused “medicinal wine” can be drunk, but when infused There are also many small details that require extra attention. As the experts said, there are three major misunderstandings that are easy to occur in the process of brewing wine. If one of them appears accidentally, the brewed medicinal wine will not only be undrinkable, wasting the wine and medicinal materials, but also cause great harm to the body. Let’s see if you have been tricked!

Misunderstanding 1: listen to rumors, soak any medicinal material in it

Many people drink wine at the beginning to nourish their bodies, but if they don’t know about it Knowledge about wine, blindly soaking all the good ingredients you think in wine, not only has no nourishing effect on the body, but it is easy to backfire. And not all medicinal materials are suitable for soaking in wine, some medicinal materials are not suitable for wine, and directly soaked in wine will have a counteracting effect!

Misunderstanding 2: Choose low-alcohol wine to brew medicinal materials

Everyone knows that high-alcohol wine is required for wine storage, and of course high-alcohol wine should also be selected for brewing medicinal wine. This is because medicinal materials contain more microorganisms, which can be completely evaporated by long-term soaking in high-alcohol wine. In addition, high-alcohol wine can effectively soak out the nutrients in the medicinal materials, and it is not easy to breed bacteria.

Misunderstanding 3: The longer the soaking time, the better

For soaking As far as wine is concerned, this should be the biggest misunderstanding. Soaking in medicinal wine for too long will not only cause the alcohol in the medicinal wine to volatilize and weaken the antibacterial effect; it will also directly cause the nutrients in the medicinal materials to be decomposed, not to mention the loss of efficacy, and mildew may occur, which is harmful to the body. The damage is self-evident!

In the final analysis, medicinal wine also has certain benefits, but it is necessary to beware of the above-mentioned misunderstandings during the brewing process, otherwise There will be twice the result with half the effort. However, medicinal wine is strong, so it is not suitable for frequent drinking. If you want to use drinking to make your body feel comfortable and warm, warm wine is the best choice.

Of course, warm wine must choose a good wine brewed from pure grains and of high quality, and it is very suitable to be full of wine!

This is a local from Guizhou Maotai-flavored liquor, its brewing base is located in Maotai Town, Guizhou Province, the core production area of ​​Maotai liquor in China. The unique geographical advantage also makes Manshang Liquor drink with innumerable ” Maoxiang”, and the price of a full bottle of wine is relatively low, the price of a single bottle is less than 200 yuan, and because of this, it is also affectionately called by the locals “Little Moutai”.

And the food ingredients that are full of wine are also selected to match Maotai, only local Guizhou unique Red tassel sorghum is the main ingredient. It has a high amylopectin content and can withstand the brewing process of “12987”.

In addition, Manshangjiu and Moutai share the favor of the Chishui River. Only the pure water and grain can brew a cup of the unique and unique sauce flavor of Manshangjiu!

The quality of this wine is good enough and it is inseparable from the brewing process of Daqu Kunsha. strong>Fermentation is carried out, and the extremely low yield ensures the mellow aroma of every drop of wine.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to make the wine more Mao flavor, it is enough after brewing the base wine Enough 5 years of cellaring, with the power of time to precipitate the rich sauce full of wine, the quality of the altar wine is mature and has no miscellaneous taste, the entrance is mellow and smooth, elegant and fragrant, delicious but not top-notch, every time Every drop is the trace of time!

This is the end of today’s sharing. What is the difference between soaking in medicinal wine? Welcome to leave a message to discuss in the comment area below!