The 18-day-old baby was kissed and died! A kiss that couldn’t be more normal, is it really that scary?


Facing the cute little doll, I believe many people seem to have no resistance.

I always want to tease, pinch, and kiss to interact with the little doll.

But sometimes, just such a kiss may hide unexpected dangers.

In the news, you can always see various examples of babies being infected by kissing babies.

For example, a baby in Iowa, USA was born 7 days later, but was unfortunately infected with meningitis (meningitis) caused by herpes virus because of being kissed by a relative. HSV-1), eventually leading to organ failure, intrahepatic hemorrhage and tragic death.

The parents of the baby did not carry the herpes simplex virus after testing, and finally realized that it was a A relative kissed the baby at a family gathering, eventually infecting the baby with the deadly virus.

And such news also happened in our country.

For example, in August 2020, an 18-year-old girl in Zhejiang had various rashes and blisters on her arms, and was finally confirmed to be infected with Kaposi’s varicella after examination rash.

The cause is that the mother suffers from “mouth sores” on the corner of her mouth, and the virus is passed on to the child through kissing.

All kinds of news have frightened many parents. Will the kiss really cause such serious consequences?

Is mother’s kiss really that scary?

Actually, the kissing of these news is just an isolated case. In most cases, a mother’s kiss does not make her child sick.

For example, the baby in Zhejiang suffered from Kaposi varicella-like rash, which was mainly caused by contact with the herpes simplex virus. They are small and have poor resistance, so they will be infected and cause disease.

The virus that causes disease is mainly Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1), and the number of people infected by this virus is quite large, but The incidence of herpes simplex virus is very low.

According to a 12-year (1990-2001) data from Sweden, the annual incidence of confirmed HSV-1 cases is 2.2/1,000,000 people, that is, only 2 cases per 1 million people Suffering from HSV-1 encephalitis.

So, it can be seen that there are so many herpes virus infections in the world, plus the meeting etiquette of kissing in European and American countries, if you just kiss casually and get sick Aren’t many babies caught in the trick?


In the face of newborns, it is better not to kiss

You should know that when people kiss or act intimately, the bacteria in the mouth will be transferred through contact, which is a great health hazard for children with low immunity of.

According to relevant experiments, the human oral cavity contains billions of bacteria, and there are more than 700 types of these bacteria. If you do not pay attention to oral hygiene, the number of these bacteria will increase several times.

For ordinary adults or children, the body’s immunity and resistance can effectively block bacteria invasion.

But for newborns, especially less than 4 weeks old, the immune system is weakened, so it is better not to kiss.

Similarly, these viruses can also be infected by “kissing”< /p>

First, the new coronavirus

The transmission route of the new coronavirus is mainly contact transmission , and is latent, and its virus can be transmitted through saliva.

Second, Epstein-Barr virus

Epstein-Barr virus is a herpes virus, its The main route of transmission is mouth-to-mouth, such as kissing and mouth-to-mouth feeding.

Moreover, children are mainly infected by EB virus, and children who are infected by EB virus will mainly have symptoms of fever all over the body. However, if the treatment is not timely, it is likely to cause serious diseases such as meningitis, pneumonia, myocarditis in young children.

Third, influenza virus

Influenza virus is the most common contact in life There are many types of viruses, and they have a short incubation period.

The transmission route of influenza virus is mainly droplet transmission, so kissing children can easily spread influenza virus. Once a child is infected by the virus, he will have various serious symptoms such as headache, dizziness, fever, and diarrhea.

Fourth, viral hepatitis

Viral hepatitis includes A, B and C Hepatitis, D, and E are five types of hepatitis, which are contagious, although kissing will not spread these hepatitis.

However, if the child has damaged mucous membranes on the face, there is a greater chance of being transmitted.

You can kiss the baby, but it is best not to kiss the mouth

In fact, in many clinical cases of kissing babies and causing diseases, many people are invisible infections, and they do not know that they have related diseases.

So for your baby’s safety, it’s best to avoid any kind of saliva sharing, including mouth-to-mouth kissing, or feeding chewed food to your baby.

Of course, even if we can’t kiss mouth to mouth, we can also kiss the forehead, cheek, rub the nose or hug the babyYou can also express your love for your baby.