Are regular checkups necessary? Reminder: Avoid these 4 things before the inspection, so as not to make you pay for nothing

With the gradual improvement of everyone’s health awareness, many people have developed the habit of regular physical examination .

However, many people do not know that some inadvertent practices before the physical examination may affect the test results and greatly reduce the effect of the physical examination.

What things should be avoided before the physical examination?

1. Avoid too long fasting time

All people who have a physical examination will be sent out in advance Please be informed that you must be fasting on the day of the physical examination.

This is because the fasting state can reflect the basic metabolic state of the human body, and the blood sugar index measured at this time has reference value.

Many people don’t know how long they need to be fasting. Many people stop eating after dinner the day before yesterday, and then wait until 10 am on the day of the physical examination before going to draw blood. I thought that this would achieve an empty stomach and get an accurate blood sugar index, but in fact this can easily lead to distortion of the blood sugar index.

The appropriate fasting time should be 10—12 hours, that is to say, if you don’t eat after dinner the day before, then the next time It is most suitable to draw blood between 7 am and 9 am every day.


2. Avoid greasy diet 3 days before the physical examination

If you eat a lot of high-fat food before the physical examination, the concentration of triglycerides in the body will increase significantly, especially in patients with hyperlipidemia, blood even It will be chylus and become very cloudy.

In this state, the accuracy of blood routine and liver function tests will be affected.

In order not to affect the results of the physical examination, it is recommended to maintain a light diet three days before the physical examination and avoid eating any greasy food, except high-fat food, high-sugar, high-salt food Food should also be reduced as much as possible, and at the same time pay attention to supplementing enough water.

3. Avoid drinking too much water

If you drink too much water before the physical examination, the blood will be diluted, which will distort the test results of blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood viscosity.

Everyone should start to control the amount of drinking water the night before the physical examination, and must avoid drinking a lot of water.

During the period between waking up and before the physical examination, if you feel dry mouth, you can drink a little water appropriately, and pay attention to drinking slowly, not all at once Pour in a few hundred milliliters.

4. Avoid food and drug influence

The most widely used method for colorectal cancer screening is fecal occult blood test, but if you eat animal blood one or two days before the physical examination Products and foods such as animal liver are likely to affect the test results.

If the physical examination includes a stool test, avoid eating animal liver and blood products the day before.

In addition, some drugs can also affect the test results, such as vitamin C and contraceptives can affect blood Routine test results, antipyretics will affect liver function test results, painkillers and antibiotics will affect urine test results.

Everyone must pay attention to the effects of these drugs. If allowed, try to stop taking the drugs the day before the physical examination.

However, friends who suffer from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes do not need to worry that taking medicine will affect the test results. situation in order to adjust the treatment plan.

Physical examination is of great significance to personal health management and can objectively reflect the health of the body Health status.

If you want the results of the physical examination to be more accurate, you should avoid excessive fasting time before the physical examination, greasy diet three days before the physical examination, excessive drinking, and the influence of some foods and drugs Only by avoiding these pits can your medical report be more valuable.