my speechless roommate

Did you ever encounter a roommate who made you feel speechless when you were in college, such as snoring and grinding your teeth in the middle of the night, or always like to turn up the volume of your mobile phone. Several people living together will always have different living habits. My roommate has a habit of leaving me really, really speechless.

My roommate likes to stay up late at night to catch up on dramas, which is acceptable, after all, they wear headphones so they don’t bother me and I also stay up late to watch dramas. But he likes to eat after staying up all night. I am really speechless. After staying up late to catch up with dramas, just hurry up and not fall asleep. Every time I tell him, he says he won’t be able to fall asleep without eating. Every time after he stayed up late to catch up with dramas, he would always get out of bed silently and open a bucket of noodles, vegetables and eggs to seduce the sour taste, you heard me right, every time it is tempting sour, I can still watch it under the dim light To that bucket of red instant noodles. After soaking, he opened it to cover the room full of fragrance, the dormitory is full of fragrance in the middle of the night, who can bear it! I don’t want to eat. Eating too much in the middle of the night is not good for digestion and easy to gain weight. Every time I comfort myself like this, and then let myself fall asleep quickly and don’t want to eat. But every time I couldn’t help it, I got out of bed after saying a few words to him and started eating his noodles and vegetable eggs. It happened that he likes to eat noodles but I like to eat noodles, so I ate a few mouthfuls of noodles from him. I have to say that it is really delicious. I really want to eat this red oil when I see it. It tastes spicy and spicy. The most important thing is that there is a meat egg inside. It tastes like ham sausage. It is QQ bouncy and then dipped in the soup base. It is really delicious. But when I go to eat it, my roommate always tells me not to eat it. My meat and eggs. But how could I listen to him? I have to take a bite. This meaty egg is also the reason why we like temptation and numbness. I like to eat the noodles inside the most. The longer it soaks, the more delicious it is. I eat noodles and his noodles are really perfect. The name of this flavor is no wonder it is called Temptation Sour Ma. It is simply too tempting. Every time after eating, I always say that he is really speechless. He always eats such delicious food in the middle of the night to tempt me. If I gain weight, I will blame you. He would always say contemptuously that I eat my food and you still blame me.

University is only a few years away, and roommates are the closest classmates who get along day and night. Of course, we must understand and tolerate each other. Of course, I have to bear with this speechless roommate, after all, he is also cannibalistic. This will make your university life easier.