Thanksgiving: Those who have helped me will never forget

I will not forget,

Who, when I was poor,

lent me a sum of money!

I will not forget,

Who is When I am helpless,

Give me a shoulder to support!

I will not forget,

Who is When I am in trouble,

Stay by my side silently!

I have no background to be proud of,

I have no enviable wealth.

How lucky I am to have you care,

How touched I am to have your care.

Thank you,

When I need it most The time has come,

Be with me when I am most lonely.

This life,

I don’t want tens of thousands of friends,

I just want to share weal and woe!

People who have helped me,

Whether it is The grace of rebuilding, or the grace of dripping water,

They are all noble people in my life.

Those who have helped me,

Regardless of the future What will happen, where we go,

I will never forget this journey.

Who would have thought,

Would it be worthwhile to help someone?

Who would have predicted,

Helping someone, Is there any return?

Because I care,

This is the only way to help again and again.

Because of cherishing,

Only this back and forth concession.

Thanks to those who have helped me,

When I was most at a loss,

I didn’t stand by like a passerby,

I didn’t leave me like a stranger Go!


Gives me The warmest company,

gave me the most needed support!

You miss me,

I also miss you.

You pay me,

I will Will not disappoint you!

People who have helped me,

If you If you need it, I will come as soon as possible,

If you have a request, I will do my best!

I will never forget this love,

< span>This kindness, I will always remember it in my heart!