Thanksgiving is coming soon, there are many customs and taboos of Thanksgiving, you must understand, don’t make a joke

I am Family Grocery. Today is November 20th, and there are four more days, that is, Thursday, November 24th, the first day of the eleventh month of the lunar calendar, which is the traditional western festival of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day, the English name Thanksgiving Day, is an ancient American festival, and it is also an American family carnival. get together holiday. Therefore, many customs have been formed, and there are also many taboos. Let’s take a look together, so as not to make a joke.

First, 6 customs of Thanksgiving

1. Reunion

Every Thanksgiving Day, the whole of the United States is very lively. The whole family sat around together, munched delicious food, and talked about the past, which made people feel extraordinarily cordial and warm.

2. Eat turkey

Eat Turkey is the traditional main dish for Thanksgiving. The appearance of the turkey is very similar to their “black head and red” clothing characteristics. In 1947, during President Truman’s administration, a ceremony for the president to release a turkey was added. The turkey that was sent to the White House became a Thanksgiving feast for people.

3. ​​Collective celebration

On Thanksgiving Day, the whole country celebrates with great excitement, with makeup parades and theater performances or sports games etc. Lively and lovely children will also wear colorful clothes, paint their faces with facial makeup, and perform funny performances.

4. Thanks

On November 20, 2007, President Bush at the annual turkey release ceremony , The two turkeys released were named “May” and “Flower”. The combination of their names means the “Mayflower” on which the Puritans came to the New World. Therefore, after eating turkey, you must say “Thank You” and “Thank You”.


5. Send food

Since the 18th century, a group of young women wanted to choose a day of the year to do good deeds, and thought that Thanksgiving was the most appropriate day. So when Thanksgiving comes, they pack a basket full of food and deliver it to the poor. This incident was rumored far and wide, and soon many people followed their example.

6. Play games

After the Thanksgiving banquet, some families often play traditional games, dances, competitions, etc. . Some of them have survived to this day. There are also some small games. For example, cranberry races, corn games, pumpkin races, etc., often make everyone laugh.

Second, 8 taboos on Thanksgiving

1. Don’t ignore invitations

When you invite friends on Thanksgiving, invitations will be sent out, and now most of them are changed to electronic invitations. As long as you receive an invitation, you must pay attention to it. Generally, you must attend on time. If you really can’t go, you must make it clear to the inviter, otherwise your credibility will be greatly reduced. Americans attach great importance to their credibility.

2. Don’t attend parties while sick

Americans like to hug and other actions at parties. If you are ill, such as a cold, it is easy to infect others, which is very impolite. If you feel unwell, just tell the inviter clearly.

3. Don’t arrive early

It’s definitely not good to be late when you’re attending a party, and you’ll feel impolite. But if you go too early, the host is not ready yet Well, the scene may be messy, which is not good. It is best to arrive 1-5 minutes in advance to show that you have a high self-cultivation.

4. Don’t just look at your phone

Party is a kind of occasion with strong etiquette. Just looking at the mobile phone is not respectful enough for the host. Moreover, playing with mobile phones is something for children. Childish and immature.

5. Don’t judge others

For the event prepared by the host, you should say “thank you” more Express your likes, don’t judge. For example, this place is inappropriate, there is a bit redundant, this dish is a bit lacking, that dish is a little salty, etc. If you talk too much, you can only show that your EQ is too low.

6. Don’t walk around

Thanksgiving gatherings are usually in the living room of the family , dining room, kitchen, study. Don’t look around, especially in their bedroom without permission. Americans take their privacy very seriously, don’t take offense.

7. Don’t stir up controversial topics

Thanksgiving is for being happy, comfortable and happy together . It is naturally inappropriate to discuss some topics that are contrary to it. It is very rude to cause an argument, row, or fight over these topics.

8. Do not bring reprocessed food

The host will make more satisfactory arrangements for the party. However, out of politeness, some people would like to bring some of their own specialties to taste together. But don’t bring things that require secondary processing, for example, things that need to be fried, thawed, pickled, baked, etc., it is purely asking for trouble.

In a word, if the ancient festivals can last forever, they must have their unique charm and attraction . Everyone must respect the rules, understand etiquette, speak appropriately, behave appropriately, and behave appropriately, and friends will be everywhere!