Can succulents develop color? Controlled to death, the leaves are green, the state has nothing to do with the control

Anyone who likes to raise succulents wants to make their succulents more beautiful in color. The color is emitted depending on the sunlight and the temperature difference between day and night. The intensity of light and the temperature difference between day and night are the two main factors that lead to the succulent state. There is no other way to make the succulent appear. Succulent was splendid.

A lot of meaty players, I don’t know where I heard it Yes, to control the succulents, less water and less fat, thinking that the succulents will be in a better state, this approach is completely unworkable, and there is no reason. The growth rate of succulents will slow down without water supply. Even to stop the growth, the maintenance method of control can only slow down the growth rate of the succulents, and to put it bluntly, it can only control the size of the succulents.

The maintenance method of succulent and its hair color It has nothing to do with it. No matter if you keep it in a controlled environment or with a lot of water and fat, as long as there is sufficient sunlight, the succulent can grow color, or you can put it outdoors so that the succulent can feel the temperature difference between day and night. The leaves of the succulents can also complete the color development, and there is no need to control the cultivation of succulents, just normal watering.

The succulent that is controlled, more refers to the succulent Appearance, such as the size of the leaves, the degree of hypertrophy of the leaves, and its growth rate, a succulent, even if it is kept to death, its leaves will always be green from beginning to end, without any color change, lack of light , the succulent will never be out of shape.

The succulent state has nothing to do with the control , everyone must be clear about this point. If you want succulents to develop color quickly, the best way to maintain them is to use fill lights. Full-spectrum fill lights will be irradiated continuously for a month, and any variety of succulents will reach a better state. , artificially fill in the light to strengthen the light and heat time, the succulent can grow more vigorously, and the color will become more beautiful.

Maybe most people want to keep more meat The color of succulents changes, and only a small number of flower lovers will choose to grow freely. The purpose of raising succulents is different, and the maintenance methods are also different. As a family raising succulents, light lamps are the most beneficial weapon for launching. It’s easy to use, and it doesn’t cost much electricity in a year. On average, 20 yuan a month is enough.

Succulent fill light, it is recommended that you choose full spectrum, White lighting is more natural. I don’t recommend you to choose purple. This lighting is too obtrusive to put at home. In fact, it can also make succulents look good. It only needs to be illuminated for 4 hours a day, and 4 hours of light at night is continuously open. Within a month, all the varieties contained in Sedum can be released.

During the maintenance period, succulents do not need to be controlled at all. They can grow naturally. If you want to pursue color, then use fill light to illuminate them. The fill light can promote the coloring of succulents is the most obvious.