Next year, the water rabbit will be too hot, where will the fire come from? What does it mean that “dihu is the beginning of qi”

Next year will be the Year of the Rabbit, the Year of the Rabbit, and it will be a year when the fire will not catch up. How did the fire come about? Why do you say “The land household is the beginning of Qi”? Where is the local household? What exactly is the meaning?

Why is there no heaven but no earth?

The summer solstice is the end of the sun’s northward journey and the longest day in the northern hemisphere. After the summer solstice, the sun begins to move southward, and the nights gradually lengthen. The winter solstice is the extreme point of the sun’s southward travel, and it is the day with the longest night in the northern hemisphere. After the winter solstice, the sun begins to return north, and the days begin to gradually lengthen.

The summer solstice is the anode, and the winter solstice is the cathode. Yang is the sky, and yin is the earth. The end of the yang energy is the gate of heaven, which is the position where the sun sets on the summer solstice. The end of Yin Qi is the gate of earth, which is the place where the sun rises on the winter solstice.

The summer solstice sun goes out of Yin and enters Xu, and the winter solstice sun goes out of Chen and enters Shen. The gate of heaven is the anode and produces yin, and the door of the earth is the cathode and produces yang. The growth process of Yang Qi is continuous divergence and rising, and the strengthening process of Yin Qi is continuous convergence and sinking. Down”.

Everything begins with the earth

Everything in the world is formed by the meeting of yin and yang, that is, the earth’s qi rises, the weather falls, and when the two qi interact, everything grows. In winter, everything returns to storage, and vegetation does not grow. It is because the earth’s atmosphere does not rise, the weather does not fall, and winter is blocked. After it is blocked, everything withers and the vegetation withers and turns yellow.

Then Dihu is the end of the convergence of Yin Qi, and Dihu has no bottom, that is, it has sunk to the extreme, and it has started to rise from then on. Therefore, the earth household is the beginning of the rise of the earth’s qi, and the earth’s qi at this time is the beginning of the qi, which determines the characteristics of the qi. Dihu is also the position of Chensi in the southeast, so Chensi is the beginning of Qi and determines the breath of a year.

So Shen Kuo said in “Mengxi Bi Tan”: Tianmen is between Xuhai, divided into Kuibi; Dihu is between Chensi, divided into Jiaozhen Yin and Yang all start from Chen, and those who start the five movements from “jiaozhen” also start from Chen Ye. Chen is a household in the southeast, so each year’s Chenyue and Siyue determine the strength characteristics of that year.

Heavenly Stems

< p data-track="86">The combination of heavenly stems comes from the combination of numbers in “Heluo”. way. A-1-6, B-2-Geng-7, C-3-Xin-8, D-4-Nine, E-5-Cui-10, so A-Ji, B-Geng, C-Xin, Ding-Nen, and E-Gui.

The ten heavenly stems and the twelve earthly branches cooperate with each other to form the sixty Jiazi. Every cycle of the heavenly stems is a ten-day cycle, and the middle of the Jiazi ten-day period starts with Jiazi, and then goes forward in turn to the five Yang stems, that is, “Jia Bing Wu Geng Ren”. Therefore, Jiaji is Jiazi, Yigeng is Bingzi, Bingxin is Wuzi, Ding Ren is Gengzi, and Wugui is Renzi.


For example, Jiaji starts from Jiazi, Zishi must be Jiazi, and Yinshi is Bingyin , since the Yin month is the beginning of a year, the Yin month of the Jiaji year is also Bing Yin. Similarly, Ding Ren starts from Gengzi, Zishi is Gengzi, Yinshi is Renzi, and the Yin month of Ding Rennian is also Renyin. Next year’s Guimao and Wugui start from Renzi, Renzi, Guihai, Jiayin, and the Yin month of next year is Jiayin.

People often say “five rats” and “Five Tigers” come from this. They are actually the same, except that a day starts from Zi, and a year starts from Yin and Moon. Zi is a rat and Yin is a tiger, so there are “five tigers”. “Rat” and “Five Tigers” are just for easy memory. Since Jiaji starts from Jiazi, he must be Bingyin when he arrives at Yin.

Dihu is the beginning of Qi

Since Dihu is the extreme point where Yin Qi sinks, it is also the point where Earth Qi rises At the beginning, the five elements of Dihu determine the five elements of that year. “Dihu” is located in the southeast of Tatsumi, so the annual Chenyue and Siyue are the source of power for that year. Then Jiaji starts from Jiazi and goes forward in order, respectively: Jiazi, Yichou, Bingyin, Dingmao, Wuchen, Jisi.

Then Wuchen Jisi, that is, Wuji soil, Jiaji combined soil. Yigeng Starting from Bingzi, Chenyue and Siyue are Gengchen Xinsi, Gengxin is gold, and Yigeng is combined with gold. Bingxin starts from Wuzi, Chensi is Renchen Guisi, and Rengui is water, so Bingxin combines water Dingren starts from Gengzi and goes to Chensi to become Jiachen Yisi, Jiayi is wood, and Dingren combines wood. Wugui starts from Renzi and goes to Chensi to become Bingchen Dingsi, Bingding is fire, so Wugui combines Fire.

So “Huangdi Neijing” said:When the heaven and the earth first divide, the five qi of heaven are distributed in four directions, scattered and ten dry, and the yellow qi is horizontal in the Jiaji, white qi crosses Yigeng, black qi crosses Bingxin, green qi crosses Dingren, red qi crosses Wugui.Yellow is earth, white is gold, black is water, green is wood , red is fire. Therefore, soil is the master of Jiaji, gold is the master of Bingeng, water is the master of Bing Xin, wood is the master of Ding Ren, and fire is the master of Wu Gui.

Next year is the year of Guimao, and “Wugui” starts from Renzi, which are: Renzi, Guihai, Jiayin, Yimao, Bingchen, and Dingsi. Chensi is the earth household, the starting point of the earth’s qi rising, and Bingding is the fire. However, Wutu is yang, Guishui is yin, yang is more, and yin is less, so next year the fire will not be as good, and the fire will come from Dingsi, and the hot weather will be delayed.