Tea is like a confidant, silent but passionate

Life, the closer you get to the youth of the years, the more deeply you understand: Some encounters are like appreciating a flower blooming and falling, quietly blooming, quietly The fall, even though it is silent, is like a performance of an empty stringed harp, which amazes the time and softens the years.

“Silence is better than sound at this moment.” One day, a lonely leaf met the water of his life. The faint fragrance blooms in the cup, with a slight aftertaste. A faint fragrance lingers in the nose, with a slight charm. Holding hands and dancing in the silent place, admiring and understanding each other.

There is one most beautiful language in the world, that is me Don’t say anything, but you understand my hesitation and hesitation. The tea is silent, and there is no need to speak, it has already been understood. Silent understanding, silent companionship. “Who will complain about this?” In the world, I hope there is someone who understands the helplessness behind your smile and the hardships after success. This kind of acquaintance is moving even if it is silent, and tacit understanding even if it is silent.

A leaf that has been dried by the years has been baptized by time. In suitable water, I slowly found my truest and best self. Tea is like a confidant, even if it is silent, it is also confidant. Every tea appointment is a longing, a gratitude, in a quiet, silently accompanying the time and the years. It’s a good time to have you. I found dependence in loneliness, and felt the beauty of meeting another self in dependence.

Understood, never boasting. Xu Guangping is the kung fu tea in Lu Xun’s life, one slow taste after another, accompanied by silently, adding to the connotation of the life of a literary giant. Xiao Shan is the green tea in Ba Jin’s life, silently accompanying her for the rest of her life, even if she leaves the world, her original intention remains unchanged in Ba Jin’s heart, light and fresh, as if meeting for the first time.

Yang Jiang is in the world of Qian Zhongshu black tea. “The most virtuous wife and the most talented daughter in the world.” With such courtesy and praise, only Yang Jiang, who is known as “Mr. Lady”, is worth tasting for a long time and for a long time like black tea. And Jin Yuelin is the white tea in Lin Huiyin’s world. “Choose the forest to live” is the best interpretation of white tea’s love in the years: “Some things never get old, such as white tea’s love at first sight for water and staying together for a lifetime.”

The stringless qin is playing with a single sound, just like silent tea sinking and floating in the water that understands it. Silence is a great realm and great feelings. Everything is God’s will, everything is arranged in the dark, everything is empty and seems to be big, and everything is silent and beautiful. Quiet as a virgin, moving like a rabbit. Tranquility is a gesture and a state of beauty. The beautiful things in the world are like flowers and picturesque, all of which are the appearance of peace and tranquility in the years.

“Tea and water meet”, even if they are silent, they know each other. The friendship between Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya, Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi slammed the piano to thank their bosom friend, and Liu Bei visited Maolu three times to ask the world. “A scholar dies for his confidant.” The high mountains and flowing waters, the Yunshui Zen heart deduces how many tea loves. May you drift in the rivers and lakes for half a life, and finally meet the true water of your life like that piece of tea. A friend is like tea, even if it is silent, it is affectionate and knows your heart.

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