For lung lesions, the sputum should be “informed” first. If there are 6 kinds of sputum, go to the doctor for screening

The lungs are a respiratory organ. After the fresh air from the outside enters the lungs through the nasal cavity through respiration, the lungs start to work and separate oxygen from other gases. , the flow of other useless gases or bodies in the body.

The lungs are like a big protective umbrella, located in the chest cavity, protecting other internal organs of the body, but the human body The lungs are not as powerful as imagined. If there are some bad behaviors and habits, it may lead to damage to the health of the lungs.

What is the cause of the damage to the lungs?

  • Smoking

I believe everyone should have heard that smoking hurts the lungs. Regular smoking will cause some solid particles produced by tobacco combustion to settle in the lungs and affect the normal function of the lungs. If things go on like this, it will increase the burden on the lungs, and even Increased risk of disease.

  • Exposure to secondhand smoke

In addition to direct smoking, frequent exposure to second-hand smoke can also cause damage to the lungs, and exposure to second-hand smoke will not only lead to the entry of smoke poison into the body, but also may cause The viruses and bacteria in the smoker’s body enter their own body and seriously damage very healthy.

  • Smoke

The so-called oil fume mainly refers to the oil fume produced when cooking in a pot. Research data shows that there is smoke The severity of PM2.5 is even more severe than the PM2.5 standard. If the range hood is not turned on in advance, the lampblack will follow the breath and accumulate in the lungs, affecting the normal function of the lungs.

  • Genetic factors

< p data-track="14">Lung disease is also hereditary. If parents have had lung disease, the probability of their children suffering from lung disease is much higher than that of ordinary people. Therefore, those with family People with a genetic history should pay more attention to the health of their lungs in their daily lives.

Lung disease, sputum should be “informed” first, if there are 6 kinds of sputum, seek medical screening immediately

Mucous sputum—— Chronic bronchitis

You can usually pay more attention to the state of sputum. Under the premise, the sputum is generally white, but if you find that the sputum you cough up has a lot of foam or gray and mucus, you should pay more attention, because it is likely to be related to chronic bronchitis.

Abnormal sputum color—pneumonia

If you suffer from pneumonia, some viruses and bacteria will accumulate in the lungs. At this time, some viruses and bacteria will cause the lungs to develop Breakage with minimal bleeding, so if you see rust-colored sputum it could be pneumonia.

Lung abscess

If you notice a significant increase in sputum within a period of time, you will often feel very uncomfortable, and if the smell of sputum is obviously very nauseating, it may be related to lung abscess In general, this disease may also be accompanied by a series of conditions such as fever.

yellow green Thick phlegm – bronchiectasis Stimulate the bronchi, causing the structure of the bronchial wall to rupture, resulting in dilation, which will affect the state of the sputum, usually accompanied by yellow-green sputum.

Blood in sputum—pulmonary tuberculosis

If the sputum coughed up is bloodshot, people will feel very scared, because this It is very likely that there is a problem with your health. If you find blood in the sputum and accompanied by a low-grade fever, you should also be vigilant, because it is likely to be related to tuberculosis.

bloody sputum—lung cancer

Lung cancer is a very serious and terrible physical disease. If lung cancer occurs, it will also be accompanied by obvious special manifestations. A common condition is bloody sputum, so if you find this condition is very serious within a period of time, you must go to the hospital for a systematic examination in time, and don’t let it develop.

How to maintain the lungs in life?

Keep warm:

Nowadays it’s cold winter and many places are continuing to drop in temperature. If you don’t pay attention to keeping warm, it is likely to affect the normal function of the lungs. If things go on like this, it will increase the burden on the lungs, so I want to Take care of your lungs, I hope you can take the initiative to protect yourself from the cold and keep warm.

Drink more water:

The lung is an organ that likes moisturization and hates dryness. If you can’t replenish the body with water in time, it is very likely that the lungs will be overloaded , Over time, it will also increase the burden on the lungs, so people who want to take care of their lungs should also properly replenish the body with the water they need in their daily lives.

Improve your diet:

Although the lung is not the main organ for digestion and absorption, if you don’t pay attention to the diet, it can also It may affect the normal function of the lungs, so if you want to take care of the lungs, I hope you can actively adjust and improve your diet, which may be able to reduce the burden on the lungs and improve the vitality of the lungs.

If you have bad lungs, you can often eat white food

Chinese medicine believes that five colors enter the five internal organs, and white enters the lungs, so those with poor lung function may wish to consider eating some white food in daily life.

Like Tremella, Pears, yams, white radishes, etc. are all white foods. These foods are relatively mild in nature and have high nutritional value. They also have a very good effect on protecting the lungs.

So if you want to protect your lungs, you must bring these foods to the dinner table often Well, I hope you don’t find it troublesome.

About the maintenance of the lungs, Do you have anything else to add? Welcome to leave a comment below.