Tanabata, our love letter to you

It is said that the Cowherd and Weaver Girl will meet on the Tanabata Bridge? The ancient city of the country is the best place to see the Cowherd and Vega.

The wind blows now, the dream Back to Juguo

The ancient city of Liushui is home to Yanlong people.

Half poetry, half fireworks

An old street, a story

The moat winds through the ancient city wall, and the towering reflection of Wenchang Pavilion is in the middle of the river . There are fishing boats in the river, laughter on the bridge, under the Gongchen Gate, eachother…

Choose an ancient city and spend the morning and evening with your loved one. At that time, the time was quiet and the world was safe. What a beautiful dream.

“In the past, carriages and horses were very slow, letters were very far away, and I only loved one person in my life.” When the red lights were lit at night, the ancient city became the appearance of a palace in the sky. “This Qixi Festival, bring your loved ones to the ancient city of Juguo.” Bai Cha Qinghuan has nothing else to do, I am waiting for the wind and waiting for you. This Qixi Festival, if you look up and can’t see the Magpie Bridge Fairy in the sky, then lower your head and look at this world of fireworks.