Niubeiliang Nature Reserve: “high value” brought by “high value”

On August 3, the 2022 Belt and Road Media Cooperation Forum interviewing and research trip south line interview group arrived in Zhashui County, Shaanxi Province, and visited the Takin Valley of Zha Buffalo Beiliang National Forest Park to learn about the ecological environment protection work in Qinling Mountains.

“In recent years, Zhashui County, relying on natural resources and location advantages, regards tourism and the fungus industry as the two major engines of economic development.” Meng Ru, deputy director of the Zhashui County Culture and Tourism Bureau, introduced to reporters, “Located in Yingpan Town, Zhashui County The Niubeiliang National Forest Park has a forest coverage rate of 93%. It is the only national nature reserve in my country that mainly protects takins and their habitats. The tourism industry based on Niubeiliang National Forest Park has effectively driven the local people. Increase your income and become rich.” (Reporter Wang Ruoxin)

(Source: Mass News)