Take metformin every day, keep in mind 5 precautions to avoid problems

Introduction: For people with diabetes, the drug metformin is not unfamiliar. Metformin is a drug for treating diabetes, which can control sugar It can resist oxidation, regulate the stomach, and maintain the health of blood vessels. Therefore, metformin is regarded as the “magic drug” in the diabetes world.


What are the outstanding advantages of metformin?

The advantage of metformin’s hypoglycemic effect lies in its pharmacological effects, which involve Multiple pathogenesis.

Metformin can inhibit excessive gluconeogenesis in the liver and kidneys, thereby alleviating the absorption of glucose in the gastrointestinal tract and Intake can also improve insulin sensitivity, increase insulin metabolism of glucose, and increase the utilization of peripheral diabetes, so metformin can basically improve blood glucose metabolism from all aspects of diabetes.

At the same time, metformin can help obese patients lose weight. Metformin is first used for simple diet control and exercise. Type 2 diabetes, especially overweight type 2 diabetes.

If metformin is used with insulin, it reduces the amount of insulin and reduces the risk of insulin-related hypoglycemia, In addition, metformin can also be used together with sulfonylureas to lower blood sugar and alpha glucosidase inhibitors.


I take metformin every day, but why does my blood sugar not drop?

1. Decreased liver and kidney functions or malnutrition:If liver, kidney, heart, lung dysfunction or chronic malnutrition occurs, metformin cannot be fully absorbed by the body, so blood sugar will not drop.

2. High blood sugar: Due to blood sugar If it is too high, only taking metformin as a hypoglycemic drug cannot control blood sugar better, and multiple drugs need to be treated together.

3. Improper diet control: Diet therapy It is the basis for blood sugar control. If the total calories exceed the standard, it is easy to cause weight gain and poor blood sugar control, so blood sugar will not drop.


Take metformin every day, keep in mind 5 precautions to avoid problems

1. When to take metformin

The formulations of metformin are not completely consistent, some are common tablets, some are enteral tablets, common metformin is mainly taken before meals or after meals, and if it is enteric-coated tablets, metformin should be taken on an empty stomach. Only in this way can it quickly enter the intestinal tract and give full play to its medicinal properties.

2、 Do not use metformin as a weight loss drug

Many people use metformin as a weight-loss drug, which is actually unreasonable. Metformin is a hypoglycemic drug. Diabetics will suffer when they take metformin To lose weight, but this weight loss effect is not particularly obvious. If you want to lose weight, the most important thing is to control your diet and keep exercising.

3. Some people are not allowed to take this medicine< /span>

Metformin is mainly excreted through the kidneys. If the patient suffers from kidney disease or diabetic nephropathy, it is not recommended to take metformin. People with infarction and shock, hypotensive patients and lactating women who are allergic to metformin are not suitable for taking it, so they should seek the help of a doctor.

4. Pay attention to the dosage

It is not recommended to take large doses of metformin in the initial stage. If the condition is not serious, the single dose can be controlled at about 0.5 grams. It should be noted that it is not authorized by the doctor , Do not increase the dosage, and the daily dosage of metformin should not exceed two grams.

If it is found that metformin cannot control blood sugar well, you can add other hypoglycemic drugs under the guidance of a doctor. Work together to control blood sugar levels.

5. Keep in touch with the doctor after taking the medicine

Metformin also has some side effects. If you have diarrhea and nausea, you should report to the doctor in time. Secondly, you did not feel unwell when taking metformin, but you suddenly feel nausea recently. This may be caused by lactic acid poisoning, and you need to seek medical attention in time.


As the saying goes, “a drug is three-part poison”, metformin also has side effects

1. Gastrointestinal reaction

< span>Metformin is highly water-soluble and dissolves and releases quickly after entering the gastrointestinal tract, causing the gastrointestinal mucosa to be stimulated by a large amount of drugs in a short period of time, resulting in various gastrointestinal reactions such as abdominal distension, vomiting and stomach pain.

In fact, metformin can also promote glucose uptake and lactic acid production, leading to changes in gastrointestinal flora and intestinal environment.

If gastrointestinal reactions occur, the dose of metformin should be adjusted in time, starting from the lowest dose and gradually increasing. Do not take the medicine on an empty stomach to reduce the irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. If the gastrointestinal discomfort still occurs, it is recommended to seek the help of a doctor to determine whether to adjust the medicine.

2. Weight Alleviate

The hypoglycemic principle of metformin is to lower blood sugar by inhibiting glycogenolysis, metformin can improve The ability of the body’s peripheral tissues to run sugar can promote the body’s absorption and utilization of glucose, so it can promote the body’s energy consumption and thus play a role in weight loss.

Due to insufficient energy intake, various side effects of metformin can reduce food intake and weight loss in patients .

The diet of diabetic patients is very important. It is recommended that diabetic patients pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables in their daily diet, and eat less salty food Over greasy and sweet food, but also to ensure adequate nutrition to meet the energy needs of normal life.

3. Headache and dizziness

Long-term use of metformin can easily lead to hypoglycemia, which may damage the energy supply of the brain and cause dizziness. There is hypoglycemia.

If the blood sugar is low, you need to add sugar or eat in time to make the blood sugar return to normal, otherwise it may occur in severe cases Hypoglycemic coma.

It is recommended that diabetic patients carry a small amount of candy or snacks with them when they go out, and dizziness occursIn the case of headaches, consume and supplement glucose energy supplements in time to prevent hypoglycemia reactions from causing coma and causing serious consequences.

4. Acid Poisoning

In rare cases, lactic acidosis, which can be life-threatening in severe cases If you take metformin, you should also pay attention to whether you have asthma or other diseases that are prone to hypoxia. If you can’t judge accurately, you should seek medical treatment in time.

According to scientific research, the elderly who take metformin for a long time have an increased risk of cognitive impairment, because Metformin interacts with a receptor in the terminal ileum that inhibits vitamin intake, causing the body to become deficient in B vitamins.

So when taking metformin, you should pay attention to supplementing vitamin B12 and calcium in your food, and go to the hospital for related physical examinations However, the side effects of metformin do not happen to everyone, it depends on a person’s physique and their own actual situation.