Don’t care about others, you win

The writer Qin Sang said: “The real inner strength is that after you have trained a suit of armor, you will no longer be easily stabbed by others.”< /span>

In the past, we often And mixed feelings, tossing and turning for one thing, losing myself for one person.

Later Only then did I realize that blocking other people’s interference and living my own life well is the wisest way to live.

When you try not to care about other people, you win.

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Don’t care about other people’s emotions

Kai-fu Lee was in the early years Apple as department director.

A meeting, An employee was very dissatisfied with the company’s policies because his wife and friends were laid off, so he vented his anger on Kai-Fu Lee.

He deliberately In front of Li Kaifu, he said a lot of vulgar and ugly words.

Li Kaifu listened, Feeling a little displeased, think again:

< span>Although the other party was extremely rude, he also expressed the feelings of other employees.

As department director It represents the interests of the company, and the normal work progress cannot be affected by a moment of anger.

Therefore, Kai-fu Lee calmed down Tell the other party honestly that this is a very difficult time for you, me, and the company.

I understand your Mood, after you calm down, if you have any suggestions, please tell me what you think is the most appropriate course of action.

Later, the employee Privately apologized to Kai-Fu Lee and thanked Kai-Fu Lee for not embarrassing him in front of the entire team.

I heard a sentence : “The reason why people are affected is not because others have emotions, but because they have no boundaries.”

Everyone has their own emotions, but the ability to regulate emotions varies from person to person.

Once you empathize too much, you will fall into the emotional cage of others and consume your own energy.

Learning Build a barrier for yourself to prevent excessive fermentation of negative energy.

Life is short, don’t punish yourself with other people’s mistakes, and avoid the negative magnetic field in time, it is a wise choice.


Don’t care about other people’s comments

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There is a saying in “Cultural Bitter Journey”: “Maturity is a kind of no longer It requires the calmness to observe others, an atmosphere that finally stops complaining to the surroundings, and a smile that ignores the noise.”

Life is about raising one’s own heart, not other people’s eyes.

In 1985, Zheng Yuanjie resigned from the editorship of a literary journal and founded the publication “Fairy Tale King” by herself.

All works of this magazine All written and serialized by him alone.

At that time there was a university Professor Zheng Yuanjie, who looked down on primary school culture, put down such a cruel sentence: “If this monthly magazine can last for two years, my name will be written upside down!”

But Zheng Yuanjie never disdained other people’s irony and belittling, his life is used to break the stereotype of the world impression.

Next Days , He writes every day and every night, and maintains an output of more than 6,000 words every day, and he has been writing for more than 30 years.

Maybe because of the He had a lot of experience at that time, maybe he always kept his childish innocence, and the stories he wrote were extremely popular.

1988 ” The monthly print run of The King of Fairy Tales finally exceeded 1 million copies, and he became the most popular fairy tale writer, and was regarded as the “King of Fairy Tales” by children.

every Everyone is an independent individual, and the negation of others cannot shake the foundation of your life; the affirmation of others may not necessarily add luster to your life.

Some people, the more they care, the more restless they become; the more entangled they are with some things, the more deeply they are involved.

San Mao once said Guo: “We are unwilling to explore our own value, we pay too much attention to the participation of others in our own lives, and we care too much about the evaluation of others.”

Life belongs to everyone’s own feelings and has nothing to do with others.

The biggest sobriety for adults is not to live in the mouths of others, but to focus more on themselves.

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Don’t care about other people’s pace

TED talk ” Before you feel stressed” there is a saying:

“Everything in life depends on our own time. We have our own clocks. Some friends around you may be far ahead of you, but everything has its own rhythm.”

Instead of blindly chasing others Footsteps, it is better to walk the four seasons step by step.

Smith, author of “The Bad Things Inside Us,” shares a lawyer’s story.

For a long time, this lawyer has been deeply obsessed with comparison, and the people and things around him have become his only criterion for judging himself.

Other people’s children’s grades are better than his own, and other people’s material conditions are superior to his own, which will touch his sensitive nerves.

Once, he had a party with an old classmate, and found that the other party not only had a successful career, a happy family, but also had more hair volume than him.

The old classmates were talking and laughing, but he was on the sidelines, falling into a deep sense of loss and frustration:

“When I was young, I clearly had better grades than him, why did he surpass me in a blink of an eye and become more successful than me?”

I even started to complain: “Why do other people have a good life, but I live like this? ”

After that day, He is always depressed, his overall condition is very poor, his work is also affected, and his performance has declined for 3 consecutive months.

I blame myself every day In the midst of resentment and indignation, he consumes his own life.

Nakamura Hengzi said: “Others have other people’s lives, and I have my own track.”

In this world, everyone has a different background and pays differently.

Always ahead of Your people, there are also people behind you.

If you just focus on others If the rhythm is too slow, it is easy to worry about gains and losses and lose your own direction.

Outside All can be used as a reference only, not a standard.

On the road of growth, even if the pace is slow, as long as you are firm in your heart, you can always reach the distance you want.

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Don’t care about other people’s attitude

Mr. Yang Jiang said: “When you are in a high position, you see All are flashy dreams, when you are humble, you have the opportunity to see the truth of the world.”

At the top of the mountain, there are many people around us who are icing on the cake; but at the bottom, there are only a handful of people who are willing to give charcoal in a timely manner.

TV drama “Duet of Happiness” Liao Sha, the heroine of “, was removed from the post of sales manager of the marketing department and appointed as the director of the community relations department.

Liao Sha back The company packed things, but unexpectedly, her former subordinate turned his face and turned his back on her, and his attitude towards her was extremely indifferent.

While getting ready for The new manager, while leaving her stuff aside early on.

Although she feels wronged , but just smiled wryly, then turned and left.

Once, Liao In the name of the company, Sha does public welfare activities in those old communities.

She gave to the old people A 50% discount coupon was issued to buy ecological eggs, and the elderly in the community were also taught to use mobile phones to pay.

At this time, once Wei Linlin, his subordinate, happened to pass by, and when she saw Liao Sha, she sneered:

“Why are you still selling eggs? You used to be my idol, you are a gold medal salesman, a great god in the circle. How can you be willing to degenerate like this.”

After finishing speaking, Wei Linlin turned her head and left up.

The colleague next to Shan Shan couldn’t stand it anymore, and while fighting for her injustice, she smiled and comforted her: “You’ve lost your followers.”

Liao Sha didn’t take it seriously, looked at the elders and old ladies in the community, and said with a smile: “Just drop it, over there There are still a group of fans.”

Pu Songling wrote a sentence: “There are many friends at a feast, but few friends in times of adversity.”

It is normal for people to leave the tea to cool down, and it is human nature to hold the high and step down.

There are always some people who only respect you when it is profitable, and avoid it when it is not profitable.

Those who come with a purpose will eventually leave because of the exhaustion, don’t care.

Facing the warmth and coldness of the world, it is a state to smile lightly and take it calmly .


Teacher Li Xiaoyi said: “People who are strong in heart and can make achievements have strong shielding power, and they have grasped the initiative in life early. ”

In life, you will inevitably meet people who don’t like you and experience unpleasant things.

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Don’t care about other people’s emotions, get rid of sensitivity, and difficulties will be solved;

Don’t care about other people’s comments, follow your heart, and rumors will be self-defeating;

Don’t care about other people’s pace, Keep your feet on the ground and create your own path;

< span>Don’t care about other people’s attitudes, live a life of peace with the situation.

< p data-track="156">For the rest of your life, I wish you a strong heart, never be surprised by favor or disgrace, watch the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court, have no intention of going or staying, and look at the clouds and clouds in the sky.