High uric acid can not eat fish? 84-year-old academician: If you don’t want to be “ridden” by gout, these 5 things should be removed from the table early

Introduction: The incidence of hyperuricemia in my country is increasing. According to the relevant statistics in the past two years, the current high The number of people with uric acidemia and the incidence of diabetes can be said to be evenly matched.

Hyperuricemia has become the “fourth high” after the “three highs” of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia high”.

Hyperuricemia actually refers to high uric acid, which is also a large amount of free uric acid in people’s body, which exceeds the normal standard , Uric acid is an ultimate metabolite of purine metabolism.

In daily life, if Frequent intake of some high-purine foods will easily increase the uric acid level, and even cause certain serious complications.

For patients with high uric acid, they need to pay special attention to their diet, otherwise they will eat those high-purine foods After eating, it will easily increase the uric acid level, and even cause very serious health problems.

I wonder if you have heard in daily life that patients with high uric acid cannot eat fish? This is because some seafood foods such as fish are rich in purines, so is there any scientific reason for this statement? Let’s take everyone to find out today.

uric acid What is the level of high uric acid?

Under normal circumstances, the blood uric acid concentration in the patient’s body is higher than the upper limit of the normal reference value, even if the uric acid level is high, and the male Generally, it is higher than 416 μmol/L; for women, it is generally higher than 357 μmol/L.

Under normal circumstances, the concentration range of blood uric acid in women is 89~359μmol/L; The concentration range of blood uric acid in the body is about 150~416μmol/L; after menopause, the reference value of uric acid concentration in the body of women is close to that of men.

high What are the common symptoms of uric acidemia?

  • Asymptomatic period: There is only fluctuation or persistence at this time Sexual hyperuricemia, the time from the increase of blood uric acid to the appearance of symptoms is likely to be several years or even several decades, and sometimes the corresponding symptoms may not appear for life;
  • Gouty arthritis: Gout often occurs in the knee joint, ankle joint, first Metatarsophalangeal joints, the onset is relatively rapid, the first attack will involve one or more joints, the pain is very severe, most of the cases can be relieved naturally, but sometimes you must seek medical treatment;

  • Tophi: The first symptoms will appear in untreated patients, after many years, about 70% will be prone to tophi problems, and tophi It will be prone to finger joints, first metatarsophalangeal joints, forearm extension surface, auricle, elbow joints and other parts;
  • Kidney disease:This mainly occurs in uric acid kidney stones and gouty nephropathy;
  • Eye diseases: prone to tophi or recurrent keratitis, conjunctivitis, Fundus optic disc often mild hyperemia, scleritis and so on.

High uric acid can’t eat fish?

When the uric acid level is high nowadays, we must reasonably control the intake of purines, such as various seafood, But the range of various seafood foods is too wide, which makes people feel a little confused.

So in Dazhong’s cognition, patients with high uric acid cannot eat fish, so high Can uric acid patients really not eat fish?

The 84-year-old scholar Wang Wenshan is an authoritative researcher on endocrine in my country. Aspects of research about 40 years of professional clinical experience.

Academician Wang Wenshan said: For patients with high uric acid, there is no need to worry too much and be afraid, and eat fish appropriately , not only will not increase uric acid levels, but will help strengthen the body.

But everyone should pay attention One point, although eating fish will not increase uric acid levels, try not to eat deep-sea fish when eating fish, you can choose to eat freshwater fish.

This is because the purine content in freshwater fish is relatively low, and the protein content in it Only by meeting the body’s demand for nutrients can it help to strengthen the body, and it will not easily bring about a surge in uric acid levels, let alone worry about being “ridden” by gout.

In addition, Academician Wang Wenshan reminded patients with high uric acid that if you don’t want to be “ridden” by gout, The following 5 foods should be blacklisted as soon as possible:

Academician at the age of 84: If you don’t want to suffer from gout, these 5 things should be removed from the table early

< span>Animal viscera

such as pork liver, beef liver, chicken Liver, sheep liver, chicken heart, pig large intestine, pig brain, etc. are all animal offal, but it is not recommended for patients with high uric acid to eat, because the purine content of animal offal is too high.

Every 100 grams of animal offal, the purine content can reach about 150 mg, which is a high Purine foods. Induce acute gout, arthritis and other problems.


Sea food can easily increase the level of uric acid and induce gout.

This is mainly because seafood is a high-purine food in most cases, such as the common shrimp in daily life , crab, salmon, sardines, scallops, etc., these seafood are high-purine seafood.

Photography Too much intake will easily increase the concentration of uric acid in the body, and the uric acid content in the blood cannot be excreted from the body in time, thus inducing gout problems.


China’s wine culture It can be said that it has a long history and has been passed down to the present. It has a history of thousands of years. Proper drinking can promote blood circulation throughout the body and help keep warm. However, it is not suitable for patients with high uric acid and gout.

Drinks contain a certain amount of lactic acid Excessive intake will not only easily lead to a sharp increase in the concentration of uric acid in the body , it will also be easy to excrete with the urethra.


In this way, uric acid will easily accumulate in the body, which will also easily induce gouty arthritis.

Shiitake mushroom

Shiitake mushrooms are particularly rich in nutritional value. Regular consumption of shiitake mushrooms can help reduce total cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and also help improve people’s immunity and resistance.

But for patients with high uric acid and gout, they need to eat less shiitake mushrooms, because shiitake mushrooms are vegetarian A food with a relatively high purine content.

Every 100 grams of shiitake mushrooms, the purine content is about 216.5 mg, it is not difficult to find that the The purine content is even higher than some meat foods.

If you often go to Eating shiitake mushrooms will easily cause the body to take in too much purine, which is harmful but not beneficial to the stable control of uric acid.


The content of purine in tofu is also very high. For gout patients with abnormal purine metabolism and patients with elevated blood uric acid concentration, try to eat as little tofu as possible.

In addition, people with spleen and stomach deficiency and people with frequent diarrhea should try to eat less tofu, so For people with high uric acid levels, usually try to stay away from tofu.

3 This kind of food can reduce uric acid the fastest, so you might as well eat more

Corn silk

Corn silk is also called “dragon silk”.It has a wide range of health care uses, and can calm the gallbladder, benefit the liver, diuresis and reduce swelling. Regular consumption of corn silk can increase the amount of urination and also promote the excretion of uric acid.

Winter Melon

If you want to lower uric acid levels better, you can usually eat some winter melon. Winter melon is an alkaline food, which can not only diuretic and reduce swelling, but also accelerate uric acid excretion.

Kudzu root

Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica has such a record about Pueraria lobata: “Puderaria is sweet, pungent, flat, and non-toxic.

Often consumption of kudzu root can not only regulate the body’s immunity and resistance, but also help reduce uric acid level and blood pressure level, which has a very good regulating effect.


Read Extension: Can high uric acid be completely cured?

In fact, high uric acid cannot be cured at all, it can only be controlled through reasonable means.< /span>

High uric acid is a disease of purine metabolism disorder in the body, and it has a very strong recurrence. After the onset, any treatment is just A control effect.

Avoiding the transformation of this problem into hyperuricemia cannot achieve a complete cure The purpose will only be with the patient for life.

It actually reflects the decline in the metabolic level of the whole body, so if If you want to perform a radical cure, unless your metabolism returns to normal, it is actually very difficult to achieve a radical cure.