Symptoms of Duck Paramyxovirus Disease Prevention and Control Measures of Duck Paramyxovirus

Prevention and control measures of duck paramyxovirus symptoms of duck paramyxovirus

Duck breeding There are a lot of people. With the expansion of duck breeding scale, the incidence of duck common diseases will also increase, which will bring great economic losses to farmers.

Duck paramyxovirus is an infectious disease characterized by invading the digestive tract and respiratory tract. Sick ducks will appear tired and weak, with messy feathers and other characteristics.

Symptoms of Duck Paramyxovirus Disease:

Disease The duck’s appetite decreases, drinking water increases, neck is closed, eyes are closed, legs are weak, and ducks often crouch in the corner of the duck house. White loose stools in the early stage, red in the middle stage, green or black in the later stage. Some sick ducks have difficulty breathing and mucus accumulates in the mouth.

Prevention measures:

(1)Strengthen breeding and management, do a good job in environmental sanitation and disinfection, and prevent bacteria from breeding and infecting.

(2) Do not feed moldy or spoiled feed, especially when the temperature is high in summer, the drinking water should be changed frequently.

(3) Usually, the feeding and management of geese should be strengthened, the breeding density of geese should be adjusted, the environment should be improved, and the goose houses should be disinfected frequently and utensils,

(4) During the period of high temperature and high humidity, if the feed is left for too long or the feed in the trough is left for too long, it will cause Fermentation goes bad, so fresh feed should be guaranteed.

(5) Dalong independent health, prevention and treatment of duck paramyxa, influenza, flavivirus, adenovirus.