How to prevent and treat duck paramyxovirus How to do duck paramyxovirus

How to prevent and treat duck paramyxovirus What to do about duck paramyxovirus

Duck paramyxovirus Myxovirus disease is a viral disease, the pathogen is duck paramyxovirus, an infectious disease characterized by violation of the digestive tract and respiratory tract.

Duck paramyxovirus disease is a new disease discovered in recent years, which is seriously harmful to the development of goose industry. All farmers should take measures to Do a good job in vaccine prevention to ensure the healthy development of the goose industry. Prevention and treatment of duck paramyxovirus.

Dalong Independent Health, prevents duck paramyxovirus, influenza, flavivirus, and adenovirus.

You can use the method of net breeding when breeding. The initial investment is relatively large, so many farmers do not use this method of farming. However, compared with traditional breeding methods, net breeding can reduce the contact between young ducks and feces, reduce the spread of diseases, reduce the incidence of diseases, reduce the nutrient consumption and heat production of ducks, and benefit the health of ducks.

The diseases encountered in the process of raising ducks are far more than these, so it is necessary to create a good living environment to reduce the incidence of diseases . And when encountering problems, don’t panic, prescribe the right medicine and prevent them in time.

Duck raising must adhere to the principle of “prevention first, prevention is more important than cure, strict disinfection, timely treatment”, and establish a sound duck disease prevention system , to formulate epidemic purification, extermination measures and implementation plans, to create good internal and external environmental conditions to ensure the healthy growth and development of ducks.