Supermodel Xi Mengyao turned into a silly white sweet after plastic surgery. Netizens: The sense of luxury disappeared in an instant

Xi Mengyao, is a very successful female model in mainland China, one of the female supermodels in the Victoria’s Secret show, and finally because of a fall, she had to join the entertainment industry, successively participated in I have acted in some unknown variety shows. In recent years, I can be said to be a regular guest on variety shows, and the characters are very real.

I have to say that Xi Mengyao has changed a lot in recent years. It was revealed on the Internet that this face cost money. It is a plus point that he was not careful about the plastic surgery ceremony. Compared with the before and after photos of him, there is indeed a big gap, especially the contrast between the contour of the face and the overall state presented.


Supermodel Xi Mengyao, after plastic surgery, turned into a silly white sweet, netizen: the sense of luxury disappeared instantly

When Xi Mengyao first debuted, Xi Mengyao had a typical high starting point and advanced face, but now his face is sunken, The temples of the fundus and the mandible have turned, which is very inconspicuous. The mandible and the celestial part of the apple muscle are abnormally full. It feels like plastic surgery or filling. thing?

Since his fall in Victoria’s Secret, Xi Mengyao’s supermodel road has basically been broken, and now he has found his own route positioning, putting My high-end point back then was made silly, white and sweet, very juvenile, giving people a gentle and warm feeling, especially the smile is very sweet, a proper sweet girl style.

Before plastic surgery, the whole person appears in a very advanced state , especially the obvious sense of lines, which makes his eye contour very deep, has a feeling of Asian and European style, gives people the feeling that the whole face is sunken, and has a very high-end sense of shame, and his figure is also very obvious. temperament.

As a model, in order to maintain his figure, he is very capable in this regard, so the shape of the face is not too important, everything is within the controllable range Inside, the facial lines are relatively not fused too fast, plus the superior skin, so the filling degree is already very good now, very sweet and touching, and it is more flavorful in the early days. This sweet face is more embarrassing for the camera , but the lives of most people no longer walk on the catwalk, and they are very pleasing in their lives now.


What effect can bone grinding surgery achieve?

Bone grinding surgery refers to a kind of surgery that changes the shape of the face by erasing part of the ethmoid bone. It is worth noting that this surgery does not require the removal of any bone, but only uses professional bone grinding tools to thin the outer layer of the bone, thereby achieving the effect of reducing the width of the bone.

Bone grinding surgery can make the line of mandibular angle smoother. Bone grinding surgery usually uses professional tools and techniques to refine the bone of mandibular angle After proper grinding, when the bones are partially ground away, the edges and corners will no longer be particularly obvious, and the lines will be smoother, making the entire face look more coordinated.

Bone grinding surgery actually has a certain limit, what can be worn away, the thickness of the mandible is still limited, only 6mm at most, the effect of bone grinding and face-lifting surgery is mainly used to improve the hypertrophy of the mandibular angle bone, improve the shape of the chin, Bone grinding surgery is generally ideal, and the trauma is very small and will not leave scars, so as long as the postoperative recovery and treatment are meticulous, it will not affect normal work and life.


What is the difference between bone grinding surgery and bone reduction surgery?

The difference between bone grinding surgery and bone cutting surgery is mainly due to the different operation methods, and the specific differences need specific analysis :

1. Bone grinding surgery: suitable for tiny bone protrusions, that is, to grind off the mandibular angle, usually to remove Grinding will be done later. If there is only a slight valgus, grinding can also be done. This kind of surgery generally takes a long time, and the operation is often more dangerous than bone cutting surgery. It is easy to cause blood vessel disconnection and induce serious adverse reactions.

2. Bone cutting surgery: most of them cut off the bone and then grind it. For regular and prominent bones, such as excessively high zygomatic arches and hypertrophic mandibular angles, bone reduction surgery is a method with a relatively neat resection plane, which is relatively safe.


What is the difference between zygoma internal push and bone grinding surgery?

The difference between zygoma internal push and bone grinding surgery is the type of surgery, and the cost will also vary different.

Zygoma internal push can reduce the volume of the zygoma, inject local anesthetics during the operation, and then protrude the zygoma and zygomatic arch to achieve To improve the effect, during the operation, the local skeletal operation segment is generally treated, and then fixed to achieve the effect of repair.

During bone grinding surgery, small local incisions are usually made, and the bones are polished with professional instruments, which can reduce the volume of the cheekbones and achieve a beautiful appearance The specific amount of bone grinding depends on the degree of hypertrophy of the facial bones. It is necessary to complete the blood analysis and urinalysis before the operation, as well as the liver and kidney function tests.

It is necessary to clarify whether you have chronic diseases or infectious diseases , To diagnose one’s own constitution, whether it can be operated, to prevent accidents during the operation, to keep the wound site clean and hygienic after the operation, and to make targeted adjustments in time to reduce the damage caused by infectious inflammation. resistance, which aids in quick recovery.