“Shouxing Writer” was 102 years old and kept writing: he summed up 6 “health secrets” and used them for 80 years


Mr. Zhou Jiliang was born in 1921 and is currently 102 years old. He enjoys the reputation of a “birthday writer” in my country’s literary circles. The most important thing is that he is still energetic and keeps writing.

Apart from being envious, people can’t help but wonder, what are the secrets of health preservation for this respectable and lovely old man?

The ancients said that stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade.

Learn to be better from others, in order to be a better self. After all, health is the number one priority for everyone. Especially during the three-year epidemic period, people’s understanding has become more profound.

When it comes to health preservation, many people first recommend “genes”, saying that people have their own longevity codes, which are innate and beyond the reach of ordinary people.

If we look through the history, it is not difficult to find that the life of Mr. Zhou Jiliang was far from smooth.


In 1941, Zhou Jiliang was admitted to Fu Jen Catholic University in Beijing. At the age of 20, he was full of vigor and high spirits, thinking that he could enter another world from then on.

However, reality did not allow him to get what he wanted. He was found to have tuberculosis, and soon he had an attack, vomited blood, and coughed non-stop. He had to suspend school and recuperate at home.

This experience made him realize how fragile life is and how precious health is. From then on, he made up his mind and began to pay close attention to his body and mind.

He quietly wrote a sentence The words show the ambition: “Be kind to yourself and take care of this weak body.”

It can also be said that Mr. Zhou Jiliang’s “self-discipline life” began at that time.

Tobacco and alcohol have nothing to do with him; do not eat cold and irritating food, maintain regular meals and work and rest; superior.


Mr. Zhou Jiliang is an optimist. He always has a happy face when dealing with people. His gentle and courteous attitude makes him very popular.

Such a character is inseparable from his self-cultivation. He is well-read, far-sighted, broad-minded, and advanced in thinking.

Mr. Zhou Jiliang believes that there is only one life, and living healthy is the greatest happiness. Smiling at life with a high-spirited attitude is the best interpretation of “love life”.

And smiling is his best choice. It is not only a height, all-encompassing; it is also a temperature, spring is warm and flowers are blooming.

Mr. Zhou Jiliang believes that Optimism is a successful character. In the eyes of an optimist, there is hope everywhere, and excitement is everywhere.

Despite being beaten by fate, his fate is like first love. This is Optimism.

There are a few words in Mr. Zhao Puchu’s “Ballad of Peace of Mind”: Sunrise in the East China Sea and sunset in the West Mountain, you will be sad and happy every day; It’s a little fairy.

An optimistic person must do everything possible to move towards a better goal and go forward without hesitation.


In life, Mr. Zhou Jiliang is a “The Creator”.

He took Hua Tuo’s “Five Animals” as a blueprint, through repeated practice and revision, and finally created a new set of sports models, he is the champion Named “Zhou’s Healthy Gymnastics”.

Every morning and evening, he will do it carefully, rain or shine, and he will benefit a lot as time goes by. Whether it is the exercise of the muscles and bones, or the nourishment of the soul and spirit, it is of great benefit.

As a “sports expert”, Mr. Zhou Jiliang’s sports are eclectic and very flexible. You can do it anytime, anywhere.

There is enough time to go to the park, Square; you can go to the suburbs or the lakeside; if you don’t have much time, you can stay in your own courtyard, or in the living room or study room. After a wave of operations, you will feel refreshed and energetic.

After a long period of mental work, physical activity is very necessary.

Mr. Zhou Jiliang loves walking, which can not only relieve fatigue, but also inspire inspiration, so that the next work will be more effective with half the effort.


Observing those birthday stars, it is not difficult to find that most of them have one characteristic: cherish what they have, and “live happily in the moment”.

This kind of people love life deeply, pay attention to every detail of life, enjoy every process, whether it is ups and downs, joys and sorrows, experience is better than everything.

Mr. Zhou Jiliang is such a “top master”.

His life creed is divided into two points: “many” and “fate”.

More, more exercise, more Activities, more labor, more moving; more hands-on, more brains, more heart, more creation, so life is affectionate, interesting, fulfilling and happy.

Fate refers to family affection, friendship, love, and comradeship. Each kind of affection is worth cherishing, because affection is priceless.

When he was 90 years old, Mr. Zhou Jiliang was still living independently:

Wash and cook, sweep the garden; read books and newspapers, keep exercising; keep writing and play around.


The basic job of a writer is to output ideas. A steady stream of output is inseparable from tireless input. Then, learning is a life-long thing, and you will never leave it.

In terms of learning, Mr. Zhou Jiliang is a role model.

For many years, I have been seeking knowledge, exploring, learning and improving without interruption.

Mr. Zhou Jiliang pointed out that learning itself is to “keep fresh” for life, and every learning is “self-refreshing”.

Reading, reading newspapers, browsing the Internet, watching TV news, keeping up with the times, is his basic way of life, unshakable.

Every week, he also takes out “vacuum time” to read the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign tomes, travel the ocean of knowledge, nourish and nourish his heart, and give himself Writing builds energy.

Not only that, but he often goes out to collect folk customs, collect first-hand information, and read the wonderful book of nature.

Mr. Zhou Jiliang has written many works, such as the novel “We Fight Underground”, “Li Hongzhang and Cixi”, biographical literature “Ji Hongchang”, “The Story of the Female Spy”, “The Prequel of Yoshiko Kawashima”, “Yang Hucheng”, etc., have been widely disseminated.


People who have met Mr. Zhou Jiliang have an impression that he looks young, he is obviously a 100-year-old man, and he looks only sixty or seventy years old. Shock.

Moreover, Mr. Zhou Jiliang has delicate skin, ruddy complexion, piercing eyes, and he speaks loudly.

The media interviewed him, what are the maintenance secrets?

Mr. Zhou Jiliang said without hesitation, “Keep a childlike heart”.

I remember Mr. Ba Jin once said that the restoration of childlike life is the germ of a new era.

To maintain childlike innocence is to return to basics and to maintain spirit The world is pure and clean, which is exactly Mr. Zhou Jiliang’s way of keeping in good health.

Without disputes, impetuosity, and extravagance, people will embrace nature and enjoy the spring breeze.

The reporter asked, what is the way to maintain a childlike innocence?

His answer is short and to the point: read books.

The soul is infiltrated, the spirit is purified, the emotions are unblocked, and the thoughts fly freely.