“Successful plastic surgery” female star looks more natural without traces

Nowadays is a society that looks at faces, and celebrities will choose to have plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is one of the most popular ways to become beautiful at present. Once you have the corresponding aesthetic standards, you will It will be out of control. Everyone likes the Internet celebrity face, double eyelids, high nose bridge, and small mouth, but it is precisely this that causes severe face blindness.

Under normal circumstances, celebrities want to create a good person who is naturally beautiful, and basically they will not admit plastic surgery, but the eyes of the public are discerning. After the lens is zoomed in, can it be seen at a glance where it moves? However, there are also several female stars who have had relatively successful plastic surgery, without any traces, and look very natural.


A female star who has “successful plastic surgery” looks more natural without traces!

【Chen Shu】

Chen Shu debuted as a powerful actor for a long time, but his face was controversial. When he first debuted, the actor said that Chen Shu “acted well, but he was a little ugly” , This sentence brought him a big blow, so he chose the way of “plastic surgery” to make himself beautiful.

In the early days, his face was square, his nose was not so straight, and his jaw line had obvious edges and corners. Now his whole temperament has changed , has become a very delicate melon-seeded face. Netizens said that the statement is definitely a senior professional in plastic surgery, but the recovery is very good, and it also conforms to the aesthetics of the oriental people now, and has a certain degree of recognition.

【Yang Ying】

Yang Yang looks very different before and after plastic surgery. Few stars in the circle can compare with him, he is the most controversial female star.

There is no trace of plastic surgery on his face at all. If you don’t take the early photos for comparison, you must think that he is a pure natural beauties.

【Park Minying】

Korean actress Park Min Young is the most successful plastic surgery person, his eyes are very charming, giving people a pure and lovely feeling on the screen, this Thanks to his successful plastic surgery, plastic surgery is a very common thing for Koreans, and it has not had as much repercussions as in our country. This has given Park Minying less entertainment pressure.

【Yang Mi】

Yang Mi is a female star who debuted as a child star. She was very watery when she was young, but when she grew up, her face was not as soft as when she was a child. Now he is a representative of the entertainment circle He is a person who is at the forefront of fashion. In his previous photos in Ningxia, he had a square face, but now he has a standard oval face. He said that he only had 4 teeth pulled out.

【Li Bingbing】

Li Bingbing’s earlier The appearance is relatively ordinary, but the protruding mandibular angle is completely different, and the image of the world, I have to say that his plastic surgery is just right. As an international superstar, his overall eyes are more powerful, and his star path is getting brighter and brighter. With the appearance of many classic works , his mandible gradually disappeared, his face became long and sharp, from a round face to an oval face, and his eyes became much deeper.

In the past few years, he has not shown any signs of aging, but the hyaluronic acid is more obvious under the lens. On the whole, Li Bingbing can be regarded as a representative of successful plastic surgery figure.


What problems can facial hyaluronic acid injection improve?

A survey shows that women are more likely to age than men, and male friends are still energetic around the age of 40 stage, but for women, aging has gradually begun, and it is distributed on the face, even if it is well maintained, it is no exception, because this is a physiological reason, and ordinary skin care products are obviously powerless.

Every woman does not want to become a yellow-faced woman. When wrinkles begin to appear on the face, women will try their best to repair them The skin, even began to be in a hurry, went to the doctor indiscriminately, all kinds of cosmetics, all kinds of beauty items, the beauty parlors basically had little effect, especially the wrinkles caused by age, it is even more difficult to repair .

1. Lip augmentation: plump The methods of lip augmentation include American lip augmentation method and Korean lip augmentation method, emphasizing lip lines and lip beads, making lips plump and facial curves more three-dimensional.

2. Shaping the face: Hyaluronic acid injections can modify the face shape, such as sunken cheeks and temples. Come to sculpt the cheek curve to make the whole face perfect.

3. Filling up the pits: For some larger chickenpox and acne pits, pulse light therapy cannot be used Or laser diagnosis and treatment, you can use a fine needle to level the cavity first, and then fill it completely with hyaluronic acid.

4. Remove nasolabial folds: nasolabial folds refer to the two lines from the nose to the outside corner of the mouth. If the nasolabial folds are too deep, it will often give people the feeling of aging. The causes of the nasolabial folds are very complicated, but for the elastic fibers that support the skin, The nasolabial folds caused by the gradual loss are too deep, and the hyaluronic acid is injected into the depression, and it becomes smooth immediately.

Therefore, among hyaluronic acid injection beauty parts, the removal of nasolabial folds can be said to be the first in the list.

5. Improve tear trough: tear trough eye bags are quite difficult to correct in eye plastic surgery. Both fat transposition and autologous fat filling have their advantages and disadvantages, and they also need to bear the risks of surgery and postoperative recovery period.

At present, hyaluronic acid is used to fill the depressions to improve eye bags and dark circles. The effect is good but unnecessary Surgery has become the new darling of eye plastic surgery. Other uses in eye plastic surgery include improving eyebrow shape and improving triangular eyes in the elderly.

6. Dynamic lines: Dynamic lines such as forehead lines, brow lines, crow’s feet lines, and laugh lines will gradually cause skin depressions and changes after a long period of muscle tightening. Static lines, at this time, can not be completely improved by using Botox alone, it needs to be combined with hyaluronic acid injection to relieve the wrinkles that still exist after Botox is applied.

7. Reshape apple muscle: By injecting hyaluronic acid, you can create the effect of apple muscle.

8. Moisturizing and rejuvenating the whole face: hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence is a A kind of hyaluronic acid, with moisturizing factor, can strongly lock the skin moisture, enhance the skin’s moisturizing function, quickly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, deeply replenish water, promote the skin’s absorption of nutrients, smooth dry fine lines, improve relaxation, and keep the skin moisturized all the time Shiny and elastic.