The 19-year-old girl spent millions to become Liu Yifei, and now her appearance is embarrassing

Liu Yifei is a temperamental beauty in the entertainment industry. She is full of immortality, and many of his roles are biased towards fairy sisters , he not only has outstanding facial features and looks, but also has outstanding temperament. Seeing Liu Yifei is like seeing a fairy descending into the world. No matter who sees it, it will be unforgettable.

Among many female stars with super good looks, Liu Yifei, with her extraordinary fairy temperament, and pure The beautiful appearance has become the goddess in many people’s minds. Among Liu Yifei’s fans, there is a 19-year-old girl who, because she likes Liu Yifei, disregards her family’s advice and insists on dressing like Liu Yifei, which makes everyone very speechless.


A 19-year-old girl spent millions to become Liu Yifei, and now she looks amazing People sigh!

There is a fan who likes his appearance very much, to the point of obsession, this The fan isLi Yifei, he was a high school girl at the time, and Liu Yifei was just a newcomer in the entertainment circle, not well-known, she gradually became famous after she starred in Bai Xiuzhu in “The Family of Gold Fans” , and Li Yifei also paid attention to him at this time,

Liu Yifei’s appearance was known by more people, and her body Li Yifei, whose name is very similar to Liu Yifei, has always been said to be a big star. Liu Yifei looks very similar. People around him said too much, and he also had an idea in his heart, that is, he wanted to look exactly like Liu Yifei. He hadn’t spoken yet in high school. The right, after being admitted to university, I think I am mature and can make my own ideas.

He wants plastic surgery Related to his dream, he wanted to take the road of art. With his unremitting efforts, his parents finally agreed to his idea of ​​plastic surgery. After plastic surgery, the doctor examined him after seeing him and advised him to Fine-tuning, the shortcomings on your own face are not necessarily exactly the same.

But this is his dream, he will not listen to the doctor, he chooses to have plastic surgery on an identical However, after the doctor adjusted his eyes many times and spent millions of dollars, in fact, he did not look like Liu Yifei after plastic surgery, but he felt more refined and more confident.

Now he has almost no similarities with Liu Yifei. Looking like an idol, it is better to spend money to improve your inner self. Plastic surgery can save your appearance, but you need your own courage to save your heart.


Can plastic surgery make someone look like someone else?

Plastic surgery can be used to look like someone else, and plastic surgery can be used for local shapes Changes in the body, such as changes in the shape of the eyes and the shape of the nose, can also change the shape of the face, which can change the appearance of a person.

1. Patients with hypertrophy of the face: first of all, it is necessary to determine the reason that makes the face look fatter , if the face is obese due to fat accumulation, it is recommended to use liposuction to achieve the effect of thinning the face. If the face is relatively obese due to the development of the bone itself, it is recommended that the patient undergo bone surgery, such as zygomatic resection , Intraosseous push or mandibular arc osteotomy to make the entire facial contour thinner.

2. Plastic surgery Precautions: Beauty seekers should choose regular medical institutions, choose trustworthy doctors for surgical operations or treatment, so as to ensure the effect of plastic surgery and safety during the operation. Do not touch the part with water within 24 hours.

For the incision of the operation, it should not be wet before the stitches are removed Yes, after plastic surgery, the local area cannot be compressed, or other external forces can be used to prevent abnormal changes in local morphology.

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What should I pay attention to when I go to a plastic surgery hospital?

Generally, when you go to a plastic surgery hospital for face-to-face consultation, you should keep your skin clean and try not to make up.

During the face-to-face consultation in the plastic surgery hospital, the doctor usually feels the patient’s own facial skin to formulate corresponding If the facial cleansing is not thorough enough or the skin is covered with makeup during the consultation, it may affect the doctor’s judgment on the patient’s face.

Going to a plastic surgery hospital for plastic surgery has certain risks. To understand the risks associated with surgery, consider the surgery carefully. After going to the plastic surgery hospital, you must pay attention to the changes in your skin. If there are local skin bleeding, infection, redness and swelling, etc., you need to go to the hospital for skin examination in time treat.