Su Shi and Liu Yong have written one card together for thousands of years. Which one do you prefer?

Now when I mention Song Ci, I believe that most readers will immediately think of the then literary leader Ouyang Xiu. There is also the sentimental Liu Yong, and the mid-to-late generation Wenzong Su Shi; the works of the three can be said to be the king does not see the king, the real battle of the kings, representing the highest achievement of Song poetry, whether their works are literary or ideological , that is to a very high artistic level.

So among these three people, Su Shi and Liu Yong are the younger generation, and the two are also the most representative. Liu Yong represents the graceful school, while Su Shi represents the bold school; I have to say that Liu Yong’s talent is higher, and Su Shi’s talent is even more outstanding. Yu Wenbao, a literati at that time, recorded a very interesting story in “Blowing Sword Continuation”. It is said that Su Shi was very envious of Liu Yong at that time, so he heard from friends around him, who has higher achievements in his words or Liu Yong? His friend replied that Liu Yong’s words were only suitable for girls aged seventeen or eighteen; Su Xueshi’s words required the Great Kanto Han to sing the great Jiangdong on an iron plate.

We can know from this story that Su Shi admires Liu Yong very much, and they also wrote the same The word card “Butterfly Loves Flowers”, the two poems are famous masterpieces that have been circulated through the ages in the Song Dynasty.

“Butterfly Love Flowers, Relying on Dangerous Buildings with Thin Winds” In the afterglow of the grass-colored smoke, there is no word for who will rely on the meaning. It is planned to get drunk on Shukuangtu, and treat wine as a song, and strong music is tasteless. Gradually widening the belt and never regretting it, Yi Xiao made people haggard.

This song is Liu Yong’s work. The whole poem creates a sense of poignant beauty. Every sentence is written very delicately. Wang Guowei, a master of Chinese studies in the Qing Dynasty, gave this poem a lot in “Human Cihua”. The high evaluation, especially the last two sentences: the belt gradually widens and never regrets it, making people haggard for Yixiao. It is regarded as the second realm of life. Well, I personally like this poem. Although I couldn’t understand the meaning of it when I read it when I was a child, when I grow up, reading this kind of work is heartbreaking. Every sentence has a kind of power that directly hits people’s hearts.

The top film of the word is to write a mood at that time, as well as psychological changes. It is because of very sadness. One is leaning on the railing alone and looking at the scenery outside. Although it is already spring, it is even more sad for the literati. After all, the ancients liked to be sad for the spring and the autumn. When I saw the beautiful scenery, it was even more hazy in the afterglow of the setting sun. Leaning on this railing was just silent. The second film is a detailed description of the mood at that time. It is precisely because of the sadness that I have to keep drinking. Only when I sing about the wine can I eliminate the sadness in my heart. I’m getting thinner and thinner now, and I’m too emaciated, but I’m willing to lose weight for you.

Liu Yong’s words are more destined to describe emotions. So few words are written with great affection and incomparable sadness. The lines are full of sorrow, which makes us feel the pain of grief right away when we read it.

“Butterfly Love Flowers Spring Scenery” has faded, red and green apricots. When the swallows, green water around people. There are few willows blowing on the branches, and there is no fragrant grass anywhere in the world! The swing in the wall is outside the wall. Pedestrians outside the wall, beautiful women inside the wall laugh. The laughter gradually faded away, but the sentimental was ruthlessly annoyed.

Su Shi’s “Butterfly Love Flower Spring Scenery” is also very popular. This is a very typical sad spring work. The top film is a description of the surrounding scenery, which is vivid and interesting. Whenever this season comes, the flowers begin to wither, and the green apricots hang high on the branches. At this time, the swallow also returned, and the green water surrounded the people here. The catkins on the branches were blown off by the wind, and fell to the ground one after another in the air. In fact, there is no fragrant grass anywhere in the world, the flowers have withered, and the grass on the ground can be admired.

The next film is another change of style. Instead of continuing to describe the scenery, I wrote what I saw and heard at that time, and what I thought, which made this poem full of Philosophy; there is a beautiful girl on the swing in the wall, outside the wall are pedestrians hurrying past, the people inside the wall are laughing, but the people outside the wall are listening. When the author is gone, it also adds countless troubles to those outside the wall. It is the beautiful woman inside the wall, the person outside the wall is sad, the whole poem is vivid and interesting, and it is full of infinite sadness.

Liu Yong’s words are very sad and very affectionate, Su Shi’s words are more contagious At the same time, it also shows sadness. Both poems are about love, but the expression methods are different, but the deep emotion is the same. It is such a description that makes the two poems unique. It’s also indistinguishable.