A touching poem by a non-famous poet of the Tang Dynasty, which seems to be describing a snow scene, but is actually full of irony

When it comes to winter or early spring, when the temperature drops, snowflakes will follow. At this time, for ordinary people, seeing the fluttering snowflakes will only feel normal. I just watched it, and I won’t have any opinions; but for the poets, it is different. What they see from the snow scene is another world, a strange world, in this world, the poets’ perception of life It is also more profound, so the works created are also more profound.

This “Spring Snow” by Tang Dynasty poet Liu Fangping is a very interesting work. The whole poem is poignant and full of irony. It is in the snow that he sees a completely different world. For poor people, as long as it snows, life will become more difficult. Even more sad; but for the rich, they can live in a warm home, sit in front of the window and enjoy the snowy scenery, the difference between people is thousands of miles away. This poem also satirizes those wealthy people through such a description.

Flying snow with spring breeze, wandering around the sky.

You look like a flower, but you are in the middle of Los Angeles.

Liu Fangping’s life was also ups and downs. His family was poor when he was young, but he worked hard and hoped to realize his life ideal by studying and taking the imperial examinations, but he did not succeed in the end; this is not to say that the poet has no talent, but he Without the background of other people, without money to manage, it is normal to fail the list. Later, he wanted to join the army, but he also failed to achieve it. All kinds of blows made him grieved, and his interpretation and perception of life became more profound, and the works he created were naturally full of irony.

Then the poet lived in the prosperous Tang period, during which many outstanding poets were born. Poet, although Liu Fangping is not as famous as Li Bai and Du Fu, some of his works are equally touching. In this poem “Spring Snow”, he integrates his inner feelings and his views on reality. In the works, it also makes this poem unique, full of poetry and satire everywhere.

Spring was originally a sunny day, with birds singing and flowers everywhere, and warm sunshine, but suddenly A snow came, and the heavy snow flying all over the sky came with the spring breeze, and the snowflakes danced in the air. The first two sentences are completely describing the snow scene, in order to pave the way for the next two sentences, so as to highlight the theme of the poem, so in the last two sentences, the poet expresses his views directly, “Jun see. It looks like a flower, but it’s in the middle of Luocheng.” You see that snowflakes fall on the branches, like pear blossoms in full bloom, very beautiful and spectacular, but they are rich and noble people in Luoyang city.

There is nothing special about this poem if you take it literally, but we Combining the poet’s situation at the time and his life experiences, his sadness can be felt from the last sentence. For wealthy people, they can enjoy the snow scene, and they can sit in front of the window and watch the heavy snow, but For the poor, the days are even more difficult when it snows. Through a snow, what the poet wants to express is the injustice in the world. Everyone is an independent living entity, but the rich are different, and the poor are suffering.

Liu Fangping’s poems are touching and have a feeling of compassion and compassion. In this poem, he not only describes the beautiful It also satirizes those rich and noble families. It is such a description that makes this poem more tense and makes us feel full of emotion after reading it. After all, everyone is different, especially the rich and the poor. There are thousands of miles between them, and the poor do not want to be poor, but they have no choice. All resources are in the hands of the rich, especially in a feudal era in ancient times, when the poor had no chance, this is obviously unfair.