Stop drinking! These 3 kinds of liquor have long been included in the “blacklist” by experts, and many people have been in the pit

An expert in the wine circle once said that when children grow up in the 21st century, their ability to consume liquor is far less than that of the older generation.

Facts have proved that this sentence is true, because the beverage industry is developing faster and faster, and various Drinks from China occupy the young people’s drink market. Having said that, nearly half of the population in China still drinks alcohol, and they are called “drinkers” in the baijiu industry.

< span>The huge group of drinkers has led to a continuous and steady rise in the demand for domestic liquor. The unsaturated market has attracted some unscrupulous merchants to settle in it, hoping to get a share of the pie.

The purpose of channel sales is to make huge profits from it. Today, the editor will share with you 3 kinds of baijiu that have already been included in the “blacklist” by experts.

< span>The first type: Sanwu liquor

Speaking of Sanwu liquor, many people will think of it Scattered wine, but here the editor separates the two. Sanjiu used to be drinking alcohol for the common people. They were not packaged and had no brand, but small workshops also had production licenses, and the brewing used were all high-quality grains. Now under the influence of Sanwu Baijiu, the reputation of Sanjiu has gradually deteriorated.

Sanwu liquor cannot even guarantee the basic production license. They do not have their own wineries or even small workshops. Wine at a glance. However, Because this kind of wine is cheap, many drinkers flock to it, thus falling into the trap.

The second type: “Inside wine”

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This kind of wine is mainly to confuse the older generation of drinkers. There used to be a very small amount of high-quality house wine on the market, but this is already In the past, a very small amount meant that not everyone could buy it. At that time, most wine drinkers were proud of being able to buy a bottle of “inside wine”.

However, times have changed, and now the liquor industry has explicitly banned the production of domestic wine, which shows how low-quality the domestic wine that is still freely circulated in the market is. This kind of wine is usually because it is rare, which makes many drinkers fall into the trap.

The third type: gimmick old wine

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“The older the wine, the more fragrant it is”. Old wine is very attractive to wine drinkers. In the eyes of most wine drinkers, the longer the wine is, the higher the nutritional value, so Vendors have grasped this mentality, and after integrating technology into the brewing of liquor, they outsourced it and modified it to present an old look, which has achieved the purpose of confusing the public, thus allowing these gimmicks to circulate in the market. Because of “value and quality”, this kind of wine blinds the eyes of drinkers and makes them fall into the pit one after another.

If there are drinking friends around you who have been in the wine pit of these 3 kinds of wine, don’t forget to tell them: “Don’t drink it!”. The quality control of these three wines is extremely unstable. If you drink a small amount, you may have a headache for a day or two.But if you drink too much, it will cause eye problems at least, and alcohol poisoning is not impossible.

So it’s better to choose pure grain wine for drinking, such as the following two high-quality pure grain wines, It is suitable for drinkers to drink directly with eyes closed.

Xufu Daqu Blue Label

This wine is ranked second in Yibin, Sichuan Luzhou-flavor liquor, ranked after Wuliangye, absorbs the essence of Wuliangye brewing in brewing. It is also a Luzhou-flavor liquor brewed with 5 kinds of grains and traditional Luzhou-flavor brewing technology.

Master Han Dong Wine (Zhiyu)

This wine is highly sought after by old wine drinkers in Guizhou. If you are lucky enough to travel to Guizhou, you will find that there are many high-quality sauce-flavored wines in the local area, such as Han Dong Master Jiuzhiyu.

The brewing experience of this wine is similar to that of Xufu Daqu Blue Label, but its brewing experience is derived from the brewing of Moutai. It is brewed using the traditional 12987 process. The secret blending recipe used is blended with 10-year-old Kunsha wine. The style of the finished wine is quite similar to Moutai, and the high cost performance makes this wine extremely popular in Guizhou wine circles.

This is the end of today’s sharing, have you mastered the 3 species that have been included in the “blacklist”?