Recommendation of 6 kinds of Chinese patent medicines for treating hepatitis A

The full name of hepatitis A is viral hepatitis A, which is an infectious disease. It is more common in children and adolescents. Adults may also be infected, and the symptoms are more serious than children. Chinese patent medicines for treating hepatitis A are mainly western antiviral drugs, and traditional Chinese medicines are mainly adjuvant in the treatment of hepatitis A, and can relieve the side effects of western medicines to protect the liver. With the use of hepatitis A vaccine, hepatitis A has been effectively controlled now.

Hepatitis A Chinese patent medicine

< span>1. Ganshenning Capsule

< span>Ingredients:Achyranthes knuckle powder, pupa powder.

Applicable people: Applicable to patients with hepatitis A, liver cirrhosis, etc. Use in disorders of liver function.

Efficacy: Tonify the kidney and liver, support the root and strengthen the body, and improve human immunity , promote metabolism and treat hepatitis A and nephrotic syndrome.

2. Kushensu Tablets


Applicable people: Suitable for patients with hepatitis and chronic hepatitis.

Efficacy: Treatment of viral hepatitis and chronic hepatitis.

3. Lentinan

Ingredient:Mushroom polysaccharide.

Applicable people: Suitable for viral hepatitis, liver dysfunction and liver tumors patient use.

Efficacy: Improve immunity, treat hepatitis, prevent liver tumors in later stages disease.

4. Coriolus versicolor capsule

Ingredient: Versicolor versicolor culture

Applicable people: Suitable for early liver cirrhosis and viral hepatitis.

Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing the liver and adjusting immunity. Treatment of liver dysfunction caused by viral hepatitis.

5, Pien Tze Huang

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Ingredient: Snake Gallbladder, Panax notoginseng, Musk, Bezoar.

Applicable people: Suitable for viral hepatitis, jaundice and liver dysfunction patient use.

Efficacy: Clearing heat, detoxification, cooling blood, removing blood stasis, treating liver function Also abnormal is liver damage caused by viral hepatitis.

6, Gansu Granules


Ingredients:Pull root vegetables.

Applicable people: Suitable for viral hepatitis and hepatitis patients.

Efficacy: It has the effect of protecting the liver and reducing jaundice, and has the effect of protecting the liver Function,

Conclusion: Through the above introduction, I believe everyone understands about What medicine to take for hepatitis A to heal quickly, as well as Chinese patent medicines for the auxiliary treatment of hepatitis A, I hope everyone can use the medicine correctly to treat the disease.