Why do some people have “age spots” on their faces, while others have clean faces? Do these 3 things well

Everyone hopes to stay young and slow down the aging speed, but helplessly, the years make people old, and they will continue to age as they grow older. Many changes in the aging process can be seen with the naked eye can see. Some people have gray hair, some people have obvious dark circles, and of course, the most obvious ones are facial wrinkles and more and more stains. However, not all people have the same characteristics. Some people have obvious age spots, while others have fair and flawless skin. What is the difference?

Aged people are prone to age spots, the main reason is< /span>The speed of skin degeneration is accelerated, so there are scattered pigmented patches, which are flat or slightly higher than the skin, and the surface is usually Smooth, different sizes, age spots may appear on the face, forehead, back of hands, etc..

The main reason for this change isaging Whether the skin is actively maintained during the aging process and whether a good lifestyle is maintained determines whether the amount of pigment is more or less, and whether it is obvious. Some people usually pay attention to skin care, and use other correct habits to anti-aging< /span>, naturally not easy to appearage spots.

How to prevent age spots?

1. Correct sun protection

In order to reduce age spots The most important thing is to do a good job of sun protection, especially in the hot summer, when the outdoor environment temperature is high and the ultraviolet Exposure to the sun, in addition to sunburn, tanning, and excessive sweating in a short period of time, can also easily accelerate the production of pigmentation.

And those who take care of their skin willProperly protect themselves from the sun< span>, there are many ways to protect yourself from the sun, such as wearing sunproof clothes, applying sunscreen, Put on a parasol,Try not to spend a long time in a place with strong sunlight, you can change it It protects the skin well from UV rays.

2. Supplementing antioxidant substances

Supplementing more antioxidant substances can help delay aging and at the same time Strengthen skin metabolism, avoid the production of melanin, and maintain the skin’s lustrous and elastic state.

The choice of food should be appropriate, those rich in carbohydrates, try to eat less greasy things, so as not to cause acne or accelerate skin glycation reaction. You can choose foods containing lycopene, vitamin E, anthocyanins, vitamin C to fight against free radicals and nourish the skin at the same time to reduce Pigmentation occurs.

3. Scientific work and rest

Make sure you have enough sleep time and don’t stay up late, is the way to promote healthy skin. Those who can properly anti-aging and take good care of their skin will mostly pay attention to details in sleep, master the method, regular work and rest every day, go to bed early and wake up early< span>, persevere not onlyenhance immunity,regulate endocrine, it can also effectively delay the aging of the skin, except that it is not easy to appeardark circles , the spots on the face will also be less.