Stomach cancer does not come suddenly, people with stomach cancer often have 4 similar habits, change them as soon as possible

The stomach has an ugly name “rice bucket”, which is very vivid, because all the food will gather here in the end, waiting for the stomach to digest it well and become Nutrients are transported elsewhere. Some people have a good stomach and it tastes good when they eat it. Some people have a bad stomach and suffer from stomach pains at every turn. They always have stomach medicine in their bags, and they don’t know when stomach problems will attack.

Actually, stomach disease is not the most terrible thing. There is no big problem with daily conditioning and maintenance. Its ultimate nightmare is gastric cancer, and it may face total gastrectomy It is also possible that the cancer cells have already spread to other places. As for the reason, in fact, many of them are caused by themselves, and it is because the usual habits are not very good.

Ms. Lu started looking for a job after graduating from university, but before she found a job, she found herself< span>I always have a stomachache, so I decided to recuperate at home for a while, and wait for my stomach to recover.

One day she was browsing posts on the Internet, and saw a netizen sharing her stomach cancer experience. She found that the symptoms described by the netizen were very similar to her own, so she chatted with the netizen in private messages, and the netizen suggested that she go to After checking at the hospital, she just didn’t pay attention to it at the time, and now she regrets it too much. She doesn’t want this kind of thing to happen to others again.

Ms. Lu felt that her situation should not be that serious, so she decided to buy some stomach medicine first and talk about it later. After more than a month like this, Ms. Lu’s situation still hasn’t improved, she doesn’t even want to eat now, My stomach hurts when I press it, so I made an appointment for a gastroscopy.

Gastric endoscopy results show thickening of the gastric wall, and the pathology report is advanced gastric cancer, and some cancer cells have metastasized to the abdominal cavity. It is really distressing to encounter such a thing just after graduating from university, and if she could have had a check-up when she had a stomachache, maybe the illness would not be delayed and intervention could have been made as soon as possible.

Ms. Lu reviewed her past experience, reflected on four aspects, and advised everyone not to do it again

The first bad habit of reflection is that the taste is too strong

Ms. Lu rarely ate in the cafeteria during college, I order takeaway with my roommates every day, and often have dinner outside. They often eat spicy and delicious food such as hot pot and barbecue. affect health.

Oil and salt make food taste better, but it also brings risks to health. The sodium in it will increase the burden on the kidneys and induce kidney disease. It can also damage brain cells and gastric mucosa, induced chronic gastritis. If there are already ulcers on the mucous membranes, eating a lot of salty and spicy food will further aggravate the ulcers, cause gastric bleeding. Under long-term inflammatory stimulation, gastric mucosa slowly shrinks, getting closer to cancer.

The second bad habit of reflection is to nourish the stomach by mistake

Because of a stomachache, Ms. Lu felt that she should nourish her stomach well, so she ate rice porridge every day and carried soda biscuits on her body, but in fact, this method did not let her My stomach gets better, and sometimes I get acid reflux when I lie down. Thinking about it now, drinking too much porridge made her digestive function worse. She always lost her appetite and forced herself to drink it every time.

The third bad habit of reflection is often skipping meals at night

At that time, I always felt young and only wanted to be slim. I was always worried about eating too much calories at night, so I stopped eating altogether. Although I felt a little irritable lying in bed, it was very I want to eat snacks, but I still hold back for the sake of my figure. Sometimes I wake up too late the next morning, rushing to study early and forget to eat breakfast, and I don’t have a full meal until noon.

Not eating on time can triple the risk of stomach cancer, do not eat at night until I ate again at noon the next day, with an interval of more than ten hours, the mucous membrane was severely ravaged by gastric acid, and my body was covered with cuts and bruises.

The fourth bad habit of reflection is never having the awareness of physical examination

Ms. Lu’s daily life is also the same In this way, I have to drink plenty of water first. If the drinking water does not improve, I will go to buy medicine and take it. Only when the medicine can’t withstand it will I go to hang water and get an injection. I seldom go to the physical examination. I can’t remember when the last physical examination was. Being young is not a gold medal for avoiding death. I lost Jingzhou in a moment of carelessness, and now it’s too late.

Here I want to say, Earlygastric cancer can With surgery, the cure rate is very high, more than 95%, but it will drop to less than 30% in the late stage. The difference between the two is still relatively large, and a gastroscopy can prevent the disease from being discovered in the late stage.

Why are many people unwilling to do gastroscopy? What is it like to have a gastroscopy?

First of all, fear,Fear of inspection, fear of inspection In the end, I was also afraid. I searched for relevant information on the Internet before I checked it. I was frightened by the experiences others said, so I didn’t dare to try it. I also thought that if I found out something bad, I would definitely not be able to accept it.

Secondly, self-confidence,The word “blind” should be added to this self-confidence, because many people have not been checked, but he just feels that there is no problem , the reason is that I don’t feel anything special at ordinary times, and I can find out if I am sick.

In fact, many tumors cannot be found in the early stage, and it is too late when they are discovered. This is the cunning of tumors. Moreover, some organs Without pain-sensing nerves, it can’t help you even if it wants to tell you.

So, the only way to know the state of the stomach is to check it. It can be said that there is no special feeling when doing a gastroscopy. Most people can bear it. It is as comfortable as sleeping. Those who are afraid of pain can choosePainless gastroscopy. Don’t trust personal experience on the Internet, everyone’s tolerance is different, and when you’re done, you’ll find that it’s actually not that scary.

Remind people who usually eat too much, can’t eat on time, and have heavy tastes to pay attention to the health of the stomach. In fact, it is not difficult to nourish the stomach. Eat three meals a day, don’t overeat yourself, and do regular checkups, which can help you solve 90% of your troubles.