How to lose weight fast? Is it possible to lose 40 pounds in two months? It’s really not that difficult

Almost all obese people have an idea, that is to lose weight quickly, but they also know that it is not so easy to lose weight, and they have to make a lot of sacrifices. Obtaining a good figure, on the other hand, is afraid of hardship and fatigue, so many people find it difficult to persevere until the end. And in the case shared with you today, a guy lost 40 catties in two months, let’s see how he did it.

How to lose weight fast? Is it possible to lose 40 pounds in two months? Sharing the case of netizen Xiao Lu

The 35-year-old Xiao Lu weighed 180 catties before losing weight and 140 after losing weight There is a difference of 40 kilograms before and after, and the change in his figure can be clearly seen from the appearance. It used to be seven or eight months pregnant, but now it is flat up and down. Xiao Lu said that he also took a lot of detours in losing weight. He tried four methods but failed. Fortunately, he finally found the right method, which allowed him to lose weight.

The first detour: Lose weight with diet pills

Xiao Lu didn’t think I am fat because he is very tall, at most he is a bit strong. His family has always asked him to lose weight, but he has never paid attention to it. Later, the company’s physical examination found that heblood lipids were a bit high, so he was afraid, thinking that he was only in his thirties, what if he got diabetes manage?

So he took a path that most people would take when losing weight, taking diet pills. At that time, his idea was to lose weight quickly , did not consider safety, tried both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, often steatorrhea when taking western medicine, dare not even fart, and traditional Chinese medicine It is very bitter, and I can’t eat every time I finish the meal of the day.

After trying for a month, he found that his weight had not changed at all, so he used the second method.

Second detour: Diet to lose weight

Xiao Lu does not eat at all, breakfast It is normal to eat, reduce the amount of lunch by half, eat simple vegetable salad and fruit for dinner, and add a glass of milk at most. These days of dieting, he feels very difficult, his body is very tired, and he is too hungry to sleep at night, so he only lost four catties in a month.

I believe that many people have tried dieting, and they may lose a little weight in the end, but the effect is not obvious, and it will make their skin, spirit, hair , menstruation, stomach, etc. are all damaged, and hair loss, skin itching, menstrual reduction, etc. appear, so it is not recommended to go on a diet.

The third detour: exercise to lose weight

After losing control of his mouth, Xiao Lu began to clock in for fitness again. He insisted on running 5 kilometers every day, rain or shine. Within months, his knees began to hurt. The doctor said that he was exercising too much. In the basic situation, it should be step-by-step exercise.

This knee pain seriously hit Xiao Lu’s enthusiasm. He felt that he might not be able to lose weight. shelved. In addition, a friend also introduced him a kind of meal replacement biscuits, saying that he would not be hungry after eating, in fact, for adult men Said, that meal replacement is really not enough to eat, it is equivalent to being hungry and thin.

The fourth detour: meal replacement food

Many people think that if they eat a normal diet, they will gain weight, but eating some meal replacement food can satisfy their hunger without gaining weight. In fact, it is not that simple. Simply put, meal replacement food is to quickly provide energy to the human body, and it contains very little fat and sugar, which looks healthy. In fact, it is restricting calorie intake. According to this idea, it is the same to eat other foods without meal replacements, as long as you can control yourself That’s fine.

Even if you eat meal replacements, if you can’t help but eat other snacks, you will still gain weight in the end.

Remind everyone that many people do not pay attention to the relationship between weight loss and health, and only want to lose weight in the short term, but the calorie control is too low

span>It will affect endocrine and appetite, and it will also lead to a decrease in metabolic rate, loss of health and side effects, which is really not worth the candle.

How did he lose weight in the end?

After consulting a professional doctor, Xiao Lu understands that weight loss does require calorie control, but you can’t go to extremes like meal replacements.< /span>It is enough to reduce 100 calories per day. If this speed continues, you will lose about 8 catties after a month. While controlling calories, you must also change your diet. For example, people who like to eat meat and sweets should increase high-quality grains, fruits and vegetables, and eat more foods with low calories and low fat.

Whether you want to lose weight or not,A balanced diet . Xiao Lu’s success in losing weight at this time is that he controlled the intake of carbohydrates and sugar, and chose high-quality oil for oil. This is how he did it:

Half of the refined rice noodles are removed from the staple food for breakfast and lunch, and grains such as brown rice, millet, oats are added. easy to gain weight. The meat for lunch is lean meat, and fish, shrimp, and beef are eaten more often. Quiet sweets, including snacks, baked bread and cakes with artificial sugar added.

At night, he eats soba noodles with olive oil, or whole wheat bread with eggs, and he drinks a glass of milk every day. Xiao Lu found that after chewing and eating slowly, he could control his meal to seventy percent full, and he would not be hungry all day long. It looks like I haven’t lost weight, but when I go on the scale, I find that my weight and body fat percentage have been dropping, and the fluctuation will not exceed 1 catties.

In just one month, he lost nearly 20 pounds, and then heincreased outdoor exercise time, and Friends throw Frisbees, ride bikes, and play ball together. Every time they exercise, they stop for 30 minutes to replenish water properly. Xiao Lu found that his metabolism improved after exercise. In this way, with the help of scientific diet and exercise, he lost nearly 40 catties in two months.

The idea of ​​losing weight quickly is wrong, first, fat cannot be shortened Time is metabolized from the body. If you become very thin all of a sudden, it may be due to cachexia that consumes the body. At the same time, the body cannot adapt to side effects and a large amount of muscle loss.

Secondly, losing weight requires long-term maintenance. It is not the result of “losing weight”, but how to maintain it. The weight does not fluctuate much , otherwise it means failure.

When you are looking for ways to lose weight, you must see its essence. Many methods are simply diarrhea + starvation. The damage is fundamental, and it is not recommended for everyone to try.

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