What is the difference in physique between the elderly who drink milk and those who do not drink milk? Show you the comparison, know sooner

Milk is very common in our life, especially those who pay attention to the maintenance of bone calcium. Not much is spent on milk.

However, some people think that children can drink it, and the elderly do not need to drink it. In fact, the elderly also have a great demand for dairy products, whether it is Both the heart and bones need the nutrients in dairy products.

What is the difference in physical fitness between the elderly who drink milk and those who do not? See what the research says

Different body shapes

Milk has more protein, so it is more hungry than ordinary water. Drinking milk for breakfast or dinner will not make you hungry, especially whole milk, which can bring enough heat. Don’t worry about it gaining weight. On the contrary, the body gets enough energy and won’t overeat due to hunger, which is good for weight control. Moreover, the fat in milk is of high quality, and the proportion is not very high, so you can drink it with confidence .

The risk of cardiovascular disease is not the same

The elderly are generally worried about the intake of dairy products However, a Swedish study found that milk fat intake did not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in the elderly, but reduced it. However, the research also says to avoid sugary milks and choose low-fat or skim if you have a choice.

Osteoporosis risk is different

The content of vitamin D and calcium in milk is relatively good, and it is very suitable for the human body. After entering old age, no matter how you maintain it, your bone mass will be lost, and your muscles will also atrophy. However, the elderly who drink two bags of milk a day can have sufficient intake of calcium, protein, and vitamin D, and the risk of fractures will be reduced by 33%.

Based on the above points, it can be seen that drinking milk is beneficial for the elderly. When the weight is well controlled, the risk of fracture is reduced, and the blood vessels are healthier, The overall risk of death of the elderly will also be reduced. The Lancet study gave the answer, that is, one or two bags of milk per day can reduce the risk of death by 10%-17%.

Why do some people like to drink fresh milk, while others like to drink brewed milk powder?

I don’t know if you have noticed that the boxes of milk bought for the elderly are sometimes put out of date and they all want to They don’t get up to drink, but they often drink a little of the purchased milk powder.

Because fresh milk is processed and has a fixed concentration, some elderly people feel that it tastes like water and tasteless to drink, while You can control the concentration of the milk powder you brew, if you like a stronger milk flavor, you can add a little more, andThe shelf life of milk powder Generally, it lasts for a year, so don’t worry that it will go bad if you don’t finish it. Some fresh milk has a shelf life of only 28 days, and it will go bad if you don’t drink it all.

From the price point of view, a bag of milk powder costs tens of dollars, and can brew many cups, which is more cost-effective than fresh milk. I feel distressed, but boxed or bagged fresh milk is a little more expensive. Therefore, the elderly will leave the good ones for the children to drink, and just drink some elderly milk powder by themselves.

So, what kind of milk is better for the elderly to drink?

The body is not particularly fat and oldPeople can drink whole milk

The small amount of fat in milk can be consumed by doing housework, walking, and walking the dog every day , Don’t worry about the burden, thin and weak old people should supplement fat appropriately to make themselves more energetic. And there are other nutrients in it, the body absorbs it quickly, so you don’t have to worry about getting fat.

Severely obese elderly, choose low-fat or skimmed milk

The doctor strictly requires control of fat intake, or has undergone gastrointestinal surgery, or blood lipids are not healthy, then choose skim, its milk flavor will be lighter, and the taste is not so good However, the calcium and protein in it are still very good and should be supplemented frequently.

In the minds of many elderly people, low-fat milk is healthier. In fact, it cannot be said that there are more people drinking low-fat milk abroad, not because It’s healthier, but the locals eat a little bit more fat. They eat butter, cheese, and baked goods every day, so control your fat intake. If you don’t eat a lot of oil every day, it doesn’t matter if you drink whole milk.

Milk is the “catalyst” of diabetes, should you drink less if you have diabetes?

I feel relieved about the fat in milk, but I still have doubts about blood sugar, because some milk is sweeter, and I worry that it will make Your own blood sugar is out of control.

If the milk you bought tastes sweeter, you may have bought “fake milk”< /span>, it is actually milk drink, the first few in the ingredient list will have white sugar , there will also be acesulfame potassium, syrup and other ingredients. This kind of milk should indeed be drunk less, as it will affect vascular metabolism.

The only raw milk in the ingredients will not affect blood sugar, because there are basically only two results of lactose entering the intestinal tract, one is diarrhea and excreted , one is slowly absorbed, its GI value of is 27.6, relatively safe, just drink one or two cups a day.

In two cases, it is not suitable to drink milk

It is not suitable for diarrhea Drinking milk

Now the stomach is weaker and the peristalsis is faster, drinking milk may aggravate diarrhea, and it will also cause nutrient waste, Try to wait for the stomach to improve before drinking. Especially refrigerated milk will aggravate spleen and stomach discomfort, so it can be heated in hot water before drinking.

It is not advisable to drink milk when taking medicine

Prevent certain ingredients in the medicine from hindering the absorption of nutrients and affect the efficacy of the medicine. There should be an interval of half an hour between the two, and the medicine should not be taken until the nutrition is almost absorbed.

In general, the elderly need to supplement nutrition, and milk is a good food. Drinking a bag every day is good for health, but you must also Pay attention to the richness of the diet, you can eat yogurt, cheese, milk powder, and milk flakes. Do more exercise, take a walk outdoors in the morning and evening to relax your muscles and bones, so that your blood vessels and bones will be healthier and your mood will be happier.

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