Stick to the end! 11 mysterious historical events! Had to make you sleep with the night light on

Who doesn’t love to read a mysterious story? But what I want to share today is not like detective novels or unsolved unsolved cases. These real-life mysteries have not yet been solved.

These unsolved mysteries are naturally disturbing. From seemingly supernatural phenomena to unexplained disappearances and mysterious attacks, these bizarre mysteries all take place in eerie settings. What is the “Oakville Spot”? Why do scientists still have no rational explanation for them? What really happened on a U.S. Navy ship that disappeared out of thin air? How did three lighthouse keepers disappear from a remote Scottish island? These mysteries are never solved, and the openness of their stories only adds to their horror.

After you turn on the night lights, read on and tell me your most disturbing mysteries in the comments!

The United States lost a nuclear bomb off the coast of Tybee Island, and it has not been found yet

As an explosive device with large-scale destructive power, nuclear bombs are something that the government should strictly manage.

But in 1958, an American bomb slipped through its fingers.

Colonel Howard Richardson, while piloting a plane carrying a nuclear warhead, had an accident with another plane in the sky. Concerned about the weapons in the cargo, Richardson dropped the bomb into the ocean off the coast of Tybee Island, Georgia.

No one has found it so far.

There is a “dog suicide bridge” in Scotland


Overton Bridge leads visitors to Overton House, a magnificent Scottish country home built in the mid-19th century. However, as picturesque as the bridge is, its beauty is undercut by its disturbing history: For one reason or another, many dogs would commit suicide by jumping off the bridge.

What happened? Nobody knows. It is possible that the dog smelled an overwhelming scent on the bridge, perhaps a beast, and jumped in pursuit. But no one is sure what they smelled, or why they jumped.

“Poison Lady” inadvertently made medical staff sick while seeking treatment

In February 1994, Gloria Ramirez was admitted to a hospital in Riverside, California with a suspected heart attack emergency room. Shortly after paramedics began caring for her, they noticed a strange smell coming from her body. Suddenly, they began to pass out – the gas from Ramirez’s body made them feel sick, and one of the doctors and nurses was even hospitalized for two weeks due to complications.

What is this poisonous gas? Experts are still not sure what happened, although it’s likely that a rare chemical reaction led to the incident. Ramirez has advanced cervical cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Afterwards, the chemotherapy may have interacted with the medications used by the emergency team to stabilize her condition. She may also have used a dangerous organosulfur compound as a self-medication.

Ramirez did not survive, and experts are still not sure what produced the toxic gases and why they made health care workers sick.

A US Navy ship disappeared without a trace in the Caribbean

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In 1918, the Cyclops played an important role in the US Navy. At that time, the United States was fighting the First World War, and the Cyclops and its 306-member crew, were transporting manganese ore from Brazil to Baltimore.

But something happened to the Cyclops in the Caribbean, and no one knew what. The ship The bulk carrier disappeared without a trace. It did not even issue a distress call to alert other ships to the danger. Despite various theories, the fate of the ship and its crew remains an open question .

The disappearance of the Cyclops laid the foundation for the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, an area in the Atlantic Ocean where ships and planes are said to disappear without a trace Tracking.

An anonymous letter writer who seems to know everyone’s secret terrorizes a small town

In 1976, bus driver Mary Gillies received an anonymous letter accusing her of having an affair. She subsequently The family of Gillispie began receiving letters, and the anonymous letter writer began posting threatening signs in public places. The following year, Gillispie’s husband was found dead in his car.

< p data-track="34">Letters are sent increasing in frequency and reach. Eventually, many others start receiving them, and there are threatening banners that may be put up by the letter writers, and people are manipulated Harm others.

In 1983, Paul Fryer was arrested and imprisoned for attempted murder, and many He is believed to be behind the letters. Yet the letters didn’t stop while he was in jail, leading many to question whether he was actually responsible.

To this day, the true identity of the author of these letters remains a mystery.

A British woman who believes she is the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian knows where to dig ruins


During her lifetime, Dorothy Edie presented what the media considered convincing evidence of reincarnation. Born in England in 1904, Edie suffered a serious physical trauma at the age of three: she fell down a flight of stairs. She was even declared dead by the doctor, but she woke up soon and came back to life.

The wound apparently affected other parts of Edie’s body. She began to recall what she believed to be her former life in ancient Egypt. Claiming to be the ancient Egyptian priestess Bentreshyt, who committed suicide because of a secret lover. After marrying an Egyptian college student and moving to Egypt, she started using the title “Omm Sety”, which means “Mother of Sety” (her son’s name).

Her recollections seem convincing. While working in Egypt, she helped archaeologists make discoveries based on her recollections, including the remains of ancient gardens. Her work and expertise have earned her the respect and admiration of Egyptologists.

A man runs from the airport, jumps over the fence and into an open field, and is never seen again

In 2014, Lars Mittank in Berlin, Germany and A friend got involved in a pub brawl that left him with a head injury while on holiday in Bulgaria.

A few days later, after he and his friends were preparing to return to Germany, Mitten suddenly fled the airport, jumped the fence and disappeared into the surrounding woods. No one has seen him since.

What happened to this 28-year-old young man? Did he disappear on purpose? Was he murdered in the forest? Investigators looked into his case but found nothing.

Three lighthouse keepers disappeared from their posts and were never seen again

Flannan Island Lighthouse is the only building on the remote Flannan Islands in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. There are only three people who live there and are responsible for maintaining the lighthouse: James Dukant, Thomas Marshall and Donald MacArthur (also known as William).

On December 15, 1900, a passing ship noticed that the lighthouse was not working. Eleven days later , investigators inspected the island and found no sign of the lighthouse keeper. However, they did find some clues suggesting bad weather and low morale.

Despite official reports claiming , the missing trio must have been swept away by rough seas, but no one is sure exactly how they disappeared from the island.

No one can explain “Oakville Spot”

Much of Washington State Known for its wet and rainy weather. But in 1994, residents of the small town of Oakville encountered another thing that seemed to fall from the sky: jelly-like spots. These spots may even make residents who come into contact with them sick, because Some people have reported flu-like symptoms.

What are these spots? What falls from the sky is an earthly phenomenon, not an extraterrestrial phenomenon. These theories posit that the “blobs” are fungi, slime molds, algae, amphibian reproductive fluid, or sodium polyacrylate crystals.

However, if there is not a clear answer, then any explanation is open to consideration.

After he was declared missing and dead, family members found him at home alive, but with a new identity


In 1957, Lawrence Bader’s empty boat was found on Lake Erie. Three years later, his family — including his wife and four children — gave up any hope of ever seeing him again and announced his death.

Five years later, Bud’s niece runs into a man at a trade show in Chicago who she believes is her long-lost uncle. But the man insisted he was Fritz Johnson, not Lawrence Bader, and that he already had a life of his own, with a wife and child in Omaha in the northeast.

Johnson agreed to provide police with his fingerprints, which a final check found matched that of Lawrence Bader.

Experts still don’t know exactly what happened, especially since Johnson claims his memory is equivalent to decades of his life. Did Bud fake his death and reinvent himself as Johnson? Or had he suffered some kind of medical malpractice, accident, or medical condition that resulted in amnesia?

In 1987, unidentified hackers hijacked the video of the TV station and played strange images

Cyber ​​hackers are known to take control of digital devices, but throughout history TV stations have also been vulnerable to such actors .

Chicago TV learned that lesson the hard way in 1987. WGN sportscaster Dan Rohn was reporting on the Chicago Bears football game that day, when the hijackers intercepted the TV signal and broadcast their horrifying footage, in which someone was wearing a Max headroom-style mask and at the same time Also wearing sunglasses.

Although WGN regained the signal, hackers launched another attack. This time, they took advantage of the local PBS signal.

The mystery of who actually intercepted these signals remains unsolved.