5 kinds of food with “progesterone”, it is recommended for women: Eat it often after the age of 40, and it will moisturize your complexion

Hormones are important substances to regulate human body activities, and progesterone is a unique hormone in women, which has a key impact on many aspects.

If women have insufficient progesterone, they will face many subsequent problems, such as reduced sleep quality, dull complexion, poor skin condition and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain normal progesterone levels in the body.

/span>Female friends usually eat it, and it moisturizes and looks good.


Beans are coarse grains and are recognized as nutritious ingredients. In particular, soybeans are of high value and are often made into various foods in daily life, such as tofu, dried tofu, soy milk, and bean skin, which are deeply loved by people.

You should know that round soybeans not only contain more progesterone, but also contain some other active ingredients, so they are very friendly to women, so you might as well eat more.

The easiest way is to drink a cup of soy milk with breakfast every day to replenish the body with what it needs and make people full of energy.


< span>The sour taste is the deep impression left by the fruit of lemon. When it comes to its nutritional value, I believe most people only know that it is rich in VC.

But in fact, lemon also contains a lot of natural flavonoids, and female friends’ daily consumption is very good for the body. Like drinking a glass of lemonade every day, you can reap obvious benefits if you stick to it for a long time, such as supple skin.

It is more convenient to make lemonade directly with dried fruit slices, here to share with everyoneHua TCM Lemon Slices, the quality is outstanding among similar products. It is made of selected fresh and seasonal large lemon fruit. After cutting it into uniform and thick slices, it adopts FD freeze-drying technology to lock in the nutrition of the pulp without destroying its activity.

The lemon slices processed in this way are as fresh and tender as ever, with a pure aroma. Take 2 or 3 tablets each time and soak them in warm water. The taste of the drink is sweet and sour, which makes people enjoy the taste buds and feel happy. Because it is a finished product in a can, you can pick it up and brew it when you are at work.


Fig trees are basically planted in all parts of our country. The fruit, which tastes sweet and soft, is very distinctive, and is also called “sugar buns”. The shape of the ripe fig is not too big, but it contains a variety of beneficial ingredients, including progesterone needed by female friends.

Generally, figs mature in autumn, if you can’t buy There are many dried fruits on the market, you can try it.


When you mention walnuts, the first thing you think of is that they can nourish the brain. As a kind of nut food, walnuts are rich in nutrients, including progesterone, so eating them regularly can help maintain hormone balance in women

However, you should also pay attention to eating two or three walnuts a day. If you eat too much, it may cause you to get angry, which is not friendly to your body.

Qing Chi Ju

Flower ingredients are not uncommon in daily life. For example, chrysanthemum is often used to cook porridge, brew wine, and make tea. Especially chrysanthemum tea has been popular since the Tang Dynasty. Female friends can try it Drinking Qingchi Chrysanthemum Tea, because it contains a variety of natural essences, including vitamins, stachydrine, progesterone, etc., is beneficial to the body There are many benefits.

Qingchi chrysanthemum is a kind of precious yellow chrysanthemum produced in Kaifeng. It is not only bright in color , The aroma is fresh, and the tea is also very sweet, which is more in line with women’s taste preferences.

In addition, the green and pure chrysanthemums grown in natural wetlands are also green and pure. It absorbs the nourishment of nature, grows in the alternation of seasons, and accumulates rich active substances, so when it opens, the flowers are full and the petals are layered.

After manual picking and steaming, the dried flowers of Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum are complete and beautiful, and are used for When brewing, it will slowly bloom, very amazing. The color of its tea soup is light yellow and clear, and the fragrance stays on the lips and teeth once it is ingested, which is very pleasant. Everyone drinks this tea daily to nourish the body and relieve depression at the same time.