Spleen and stomach weakness, tinnitus and buzzing? Teach you a trick to invigorate the spleen, reduce phlegm, and reduce noise

Hello everyone, I am a doctor. Tinnitus is closely related to the spleen and stomach. If we are weak in the spleen and stomach, it will transport and transform If we can’t perform well, we may dampness and phlegm, and this phlegm will rise to our clear orifice and brain orifice, thereby blocking our ear orifice, At this time, there will be tinnitus, buzzing. At this time, it is necessary to clear the phlegm and turbidity, and also to regulate Qi and stomach, When the phlegm is turbid and clear, then the qi mechanism is cleared, our Qingyang can rise to the clear orifices, and thus nourish our clear orifices, so that the phenomenon of tinnitus can be alleviated.

But I found many such patients, he likes to go for infusion, then you yourself If there is turbid phlegm, our spleen and stomach are not transported, and then we will infuse this yin and cold liquid into the body, and then injure the spleen and yang, strong>Will it aggravate the symptoms?

Now the commonly used conditioning method in clinical practice is to order blood-activating and stasis-removing medicine. , many of them are thick and greasy tongue coating, or red tongue with little coating, so for the treatment of tinnitus, we must distinguish which viscera is the problem, It must be treated dialectically, not only one plan for one disease, even for different patients, the same symptom, the prescription is not the same, this is the charm of traditional Chinese medicine thinking, So we can’t just use the method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis blindly.

You are like phlegm obstructive type< /span> Tinnitus, this kind of person’s tongue thick and greasy, in addition to tinnitus, there may also be ear pain , At this time, you need to help the temper and eliminate phlegm and turbidity, you can refer to a Erchen Wan.

If it is liver and kidney deficiency type. This kind of people’s ears are buzzing, like cicadas singing endlessly, this kind of people often see heaty palms, feet and soles, chest tightness and irritability, waist and knees Sour and soft, at this time, you can refer to Deaf Zuoci Wan, to nourish the liver and kidney, nourish yin and subdue yang.

Of course, there are more than two symptoms of tinnitus, First, we must distinguish between deficiency and excess, and second, we must distinguish the viscera. These viscera and six viscera may cause tinnitus. In the end, score clearly the cold, heat, yin and yang,The few mentioned today are the most common ones, so if you have any questions, you can also ask me, I will answer them one by one when I have time

The above , that’s what I shared, pay attention to and doctor, don’t get lost in a healthy life, see you next time!