This wine restaurant hidden in the city center has an elegant environment and delicious dishes! worth your experience

There is such a place, 24 hours a day, 8 hours you will always want to stay here.

Elegant and retro European decoration style, exquisite layout, every place exudes light luxury and sentimental atmosphere. Exquisite murals, elegant chandeliers, ancient candlesticks, log tables and chairs, the ingenious combination of antique and luxurious elegance will instantly make you slow down and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

Private banquet with the theme of wine and dishes Restaurant

Serving food with wine | Private customization | Nutritious and delicious

Carmen’s signature braised pork

There must be no one who does not love braised pork. Ordinary braised pork can no longer satisfy some “foodies” with tricky tastes. This braised pork dish is fat but not greasy, and has a rich aroma of wine. It is a must if you pour a little soup and mix it with rice. You can’t stop eating it.

Red wine stuffed shrimp

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Red wine prawns are bright red in color, delicious in appearance, and the meat is springy. The food that eats and retains beauty is deeply loved by people.

Red wine steak braised with fresh mushrooms

Delicious mushrooms, tender steak, elegant red wine, this is a delicacy that can satisfy people from stomach to soul. Chopped Artemisia leaves can add a lot of color to this dish, and the aroma is fresh and charming.

Red wine stewed beef ribs

The mellow aroma of red wine has completely penetrated into the beef, full of flavor. Paired with fresh tomato, the aroma of wine and meat can be brought into full play.

The winery takes wine as its soul, abandons the habit of wine pairing with Western food, and perfectly combines traditional Chinese food with wine to make wine more Close to life, so that customers can better understand the wine culture.

The owner of Château Carmen loves wine and understands wine better. He has carefully selected nearly a hundred wines from all over the world. In order to bring exquisite wine to everyone.

Patic The materials used (olive oil, Himalayan salt, zero-added soy sauce), considerate service, multi-functional scenes, and spacious and comfortable environment have won the hearts of loyal customers one after another.

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This place is suitable for company team building and birthday parties. The spacious hall has long tables and complete It is a good place for parties with advanced stage and projector equipment. In addition, there are also special wine private rooms, relaxing KTV and golf indoor training ground. While tasting delicious food and wine, while playing karaoke and playing golf, it is really a joy in life.

Welcome to Chateau Carmen as a guest and enjoy your private feast!