Spinach Benefits These 6 benefits will keep you on your toes

Spinach should be familiar to everyone. It is a very common vegetable in spring. After eating it, it can provide a variety of nutrients to the body. So do people who eat spinach often know what its benefits are? There are many ways to make spinach. It can be fried and eaten as a cold dish. Some foods are not suitable for eating with spinach. What are its taboos?

Benefits of spinach

1. Purge bowel and defecate, prevent and treat hemorrhoids

Eating spinach regularly can defecate and prevent hemorrhoids, mainly because it is rich in plant crude fiber. The effect of promoting intestinal peristalsis can also have the effect of defecation. Eating more spinach can also promote pancreatic secretion and promote digestion. Therefore, eating spinach often can prevent constipation and other symptoms.

2. Promote growth and development, enhance disease resistance

There are rich carrots in spinach When the substance, carotene enters the body, it will be converted into vitamin A, which can maintain normal vision and promote the health of epithelial cells. The substances in spinach can also prevent infectious diseases. Children should eat more spinach It also promotes growth and development.

3.Protect nutrition and improve health

Spinach is a very nutritious vegetable, it has carotene, vitamin C, calcium needed by human body , phosphorus, etc., these substances can provide nutrients for the body. The iron, vitamin E, rue II, coenzyme Q10, etc. in spinach can also provide a variety of substances for the body. The iron it contains is effective in preventing anemia.

4. Promote human metabolism and delay aging

The fluorine-containing zirconium, 6-hydroxymethylpteridine and trace amounts in spinach Elemental substances can promote human metabolism and improve physical health. Eating large amounts of spinach can reduce the risk of stroke.

5. Clean skin, anti-aging

The nutrients in spinach can promote the proliferation of cultured cells. It can both anti-aging and enhance youthful vitality. Chinese folks have the practice of mashing spinach to get its juice and using it to wash the face every week. After using it continuously for a period of time, we will find that our skin pores are clean, wrinkles and pigment spots are reduced, so as to achieve the effect of keeping the skin smooth.

6. Tonic

The protein quality of spinach is higher than that of other vegetables, and it contains a considerable amount of chlorophyll, especially vitamin K, which is high in leafy vegetables ( Mostly contained in the root), can be used for adjuvant treatment of epistaxis and intestinal bleeding.

Spinach recipe

Spinach chicken rolls

Main ingredients: 100g spinach, 150g water, 1 egg, 35g flour.

Accessories: appropriate amount of oil, appropriate amount of salt, 1 chicken thigh, appropriate amount of lettuce, appropriate amount of colored pepper.