Sound Archives | In September 2017, Dongtan Sinan Road Kindergarten and Dongtan School Affiliated to Shanghai Experimental School were unveiled and officially put into use

Open the photo album, take a look at the ecological Chongming,
The shining moment when you press the shutter!
Looking back ten years, listen to the rhyme of the river and the sea,
Tell us the legend of Yingzhou!
From October 1,
We will launch 100 The collection of sound files “Looking Back Ten Years”,
will take you to listen to Chongming The development process of these years.

The fifty-sixth episode is released today
< span>September 2017

Dongtan Sinan Road Kindergarten and Shanghai Experimental School Affiliated Dongtan School were unveiled and official put into use

September 1, 2017, Shanghai Dongtan Sinan Road Kindergarten and Shanghai Experimental School affiliated in Chenjia Town Dongtan School welcomes the first batch of new students. This is an important attempt to build a new high-quality local school district after the “famous school + new school” model was proposed in Chongming. More and more children in Chongming can enjoy it at their doorstep. High-quality educational resources to the city center. The years of cooperation between Chongming, Huangpu and Jing’an have effectively brought into play the advantages of the central urban area in terms of talents, teaching and scientific research, and promoted the healthy and rapid development of Chongming’s education. Following the model of “famous schools + new schools”, in the future, it is believed that more urban high-quality educational resources will settle in Chongming. Chongming Education will run schools with a more open vision, pursue a higher educational realm, and promote the high-quality and balanced development of Shanghai’s education .

Ten years of sound files

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